Winter Weatherproofing or Winterproofing Your Home

Pro-Line Contractors, Inc. are the professionals you can count on to winterproof your home. Weatherproofing your home can be a different task each season from heavy rainstorms causing damages to your home in Spring and RIDICULOUS heat in the Summer can drying and crack your exterior.  However, the season that causes the most damage is WINTER!

The upkeep on your exterior will reflect the coziness of your interior this Winter.

If Winter blasts of thundersnow cause direct damage to your home, insurance companies might help cover storm damages. But your average high winds and inches of heavy snow will slowly wear down your home each time it goes through another drastic seasonal change. Major damage can be caused by neglecting minor seasonal damage. For that reason, inspections should be done regularly after each season and every major storm. Pro-line Contractors, Inc. can recommend to you the best remedy for each situation.  We replace the damaged parts: install new windows, doors, roofs and more.  With proper construction tools and professional experience, our team gets the job completed quickly and efficiently.  Our main areas of focus for winterproofing are roofs (shingles, gutters, holes in the roof), windows, and doors.

Winterproofing Your Roof

If your roof had a lot of icicles or had a buildup of ice dams last winter, this is a clear sign that precipitation on your roof is not draining properly.  Before it gets bitter cold, it is best to call Pro-Line Contractions Inc. for an inspection to see how we can remedy the drainage complications.

Professional roof restoration and replacement will prevent the problems from starting, but if you do have a problem it is best to replace before the rain and snow mix starts again. New gutter installation may be necessary – and maybe with gutter guards. Gutter guards block the top of your gutters clean so the melting water can make it through the downspout where it belongs, instead of causing gutter separation and putting extra strain on the edge of your roof from the huge weight of dangling icicles.

Pro-Line Contractors, Inc. inspects the entire roof if you notice early signs and take care of it right away, it can save your from major damages in the future.  Contact us and schedule an appointment for an inspection to winterproof your roof.

winterproofing your home - icicles on gutters
winterproofing your home - icy windows

Winterproofing Windows

Get The Replacement Fixes You Need To Keep You Warm In The Winter

Windows come in different sizes and shapes, but windows are not designed to keep drafts from seeping through forever. Particularly in older homes, if glass is broken, wood is beginning to dry-rot, caulking is cracked, or windows are rattling, these symptoms may pose a problem with keeping your house cozy this Winter. Proline can help you get all your windows fixed as soon as possible – before the bad weather arrives.

Lastly, if you’d like to try some DIY fixes for your drafty windows before replacement is necessary, trim windows with plastic and/or foam tape.  Simple DIY steps like these can warm your home and save yourself hundreds on your heating costs even if your windows are new.

Winterproofing Doors

Entryways are extremely important when winterproofing your home. Front doors and sliding doors tend to be the draftiest culprits; most need to be replaced even if minor damage occurs, such as: damaged door-sweeps, broken locks, loose door handles, or doors that are hard to open and shut all the way. When the snow piles up, and you need more force to open your doors, you need to ensure your doors are in good shape.

One last suggestion to make your home one of the coziest spaces, if possible, is to enclose a porch area leading to your main entry way. Another space to hold heat will save money by not letting all the warm air escape through the main door.

winterproofing your doors
Drafts coming from bedroom doors can make Winter nights very uncomfortable. Proline can ensure all your entry doors become draft-free this Winter.

Extra Tips on Winterproofing Your Home

Once the snow, icy rain, and frozen air come; it is quite difficult to do anything to maintain your front and back yard.

Put away your gardening supplies, cover your barbecues, and put the  toys away in your yard.  The snow is supposed to be deep this year and your belongings may be buried all winter long.

The first thing that should be put away is the garden hose. Unfasten the hose from the exterior water line and you may even want to make sure the water line is completely shut off. Ice buildup on external water lines can cause serious damage to the plumbing of your home.

Make sure drainage works properly.  The worst problems come with water standing near homes in Winter.  Outdoor jobs are difficult to remedy due to subzero temperatures, and sometimes impossible until the thaw of Spring.  Snow melting and refreezing over and over is terrible for our homes here in Chicagoland.  If the gutters, pipes, and sewers do not do their jobs properly, the thawing and refreezing cycles will crack tiles, split siding, and even fracture foundations.

For more tips on how to clean up your home during Autumn read our article on fall clean up.

winterproofing outdoor plumbing

Pro-Line Contractors, Inc. will winterproof your home by replacing any exterior or interior element of your home that needs attention. Call or contact today to schedule an appointment. Let us help keep you warm this winter.

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