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Window Replacement

The seasons in the Midwest give our homes a beating; Snow-filled winters cause frozen wood to swell and the humid summer days add moisture and warp formerly-plumb frames and structures.

Like any asset we own, we must maintain our property to retain its value. Window replacements are a necessary part of your regular home maintenance and seasonal inspections by Pro-Line.

Improving and restoring your windows can help maintain the value of your property and may even increase its total worth. New windows and doors on a home are approximately $7,500 (to replace all windows and doors on an average 2,000 sq. ft. home.) However, this home improvement can raise the resale value of your home up to $50,000!

Wear & Tear

A clear sign that it is time for window replacement is if you can see the old, rotten or damaged wood around the frame, or pane, of the window.  If the wood is too badly damaged, a new window pane with a new window must be installed, as patching a rotting window pane is like putting a band-aid on your property.

Remember, windows don’t last forever.  They can’t.  With or without use, after a few decades, sills, panes, sliding mechanisms fall apart.  Paint chips, warm weather warps, panes make drafts, moisture builds up, then it’s time for a replacement.  

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EMERGENCY replacement:
Broken Window

Broken glass needs to be replaced before it shatters and makes matters more hazardous.

Call Pro-Line if you have an emergency replacement and we will keep your home safe again as quickly as possible.

When To Replace

Our experts at Pro-Line can inspect and matter-of-factly tell you if it is time to replace.

To perform a do-it-yourself inspection, it is easiest to check in the winter as drafts can be easily detected by the back of the hand or side of your cheek. Stand about one foot away from the perimeter of your window pane, if you feel air coming in at that distance, it is clear that your a replacement is necessary.

If your furnace or air conditioner is constantly running, this may be another sign that you may need window replacement. With proper insulation, your home should be able to hold a stable air temperature. If you struggle to maintain the temperature in your home, your windows may be at fault or an inspection of how your walls are insulated may be necessary.

Window Maintenance & Upkeep

Prohibiting moisture buildup on your windows from the inside of the house can prevent future damages to your windows. Cooking, laundry, and showering will give off warm damp air that can cause condensation. If you see any moisture on your windows, make sure the area is properly ventilated with an exhaust fan to prevent this buildup. Moving the air around will help dry your window and prevent warping and mold on your window panes.

Also, properly sealing the inside of your windows with caulk or window sealant can prevent drafts caused by minor warping of old wood. This is an affordable window repair compared to the cost of replacement. Resealing your windows should be done periodically to save money on heat and air-conditioning.

Safety & Security

At Pro-Line we understand and address the safety concerns that come from installing windows.

An unliftable old window is not safe in case of emergency. Problems opening or shutting your windows can be hazardous for the elderly and small children. It is time for a newer model if you are currently running the risk of windows slamming from being too heavy or the springs being too old. 

Improperly installed, broken, or windows with damaged locks can also be inviting for home intruders. Why risk a liability that can be easily fixed by a window replacement by the trustworthy professionals at Pro-Line?

New Windows, New Designs

If you are looking into replacing your windows, this is the chance to give your house a different style by choosing a new window style or color. Plastic vs. Aluminum. Modern vs. Traditional. The choices go on and on. Although the newest trends lean toward new matte-black windows (which show less dirt and wear), traditional white windows are easy to finds in aluminum or plastic. Aluminum windows are longer lasting, while plastic windows are cheaper and quite durable.

For window design examples and inspiration, look at our blog about beautiful bay windows.

Call Pro-Line Contractors, Inc. for any questions about windows and home remodels. Our expert consultants at Pro-Line will help you decide on the window that is right for your home and your budget.

Results of the Professional Window Installation

  • New windows are very easy to open and close, less hazardous for little ones and elderly.
  • Save money by considerably lower heating/cooling costs
  • Noisy neighbors, planes, nor trains can penetrate the newest sound-proof window panes. If noise is a problem near your home, consider sound proof windows, they will lessen the noise
  • Once your windows are secured professionally, you may rest easy knowing that your home is locked tight, secure from intruders, and safe from the weather.

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