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Window Design Trends in 2023 and How to Incorporate Them Into Your Home

Your home is your special place — it’s where you’ve based your life and where you’ll likely spend most of your idle time. With that in mind, many homeowners seek to build comfortable and aesthetically pleasing living spaces. One crucial step toward this goal is identifying modern window design trends and implementing your favorite setups in your home.

Why Explore Window Design Trends?

Originality is key when designing your home, but that doesn’t mean you can’t seek inspiration from the top trends in the window replacement industry. Furthermore, if you are not on top of the latest trends, you may invest in outdated designs that do not resonate with modern-day preferences. This may not matter to many, but if you find yourself wanting to have the most appealing home possible, doing research is a necessity.

Modern Window Design Trends

The home design trends that marked the first few years of the decade have gradually shifted toward more inviting displays that offer a welcoming energy to the home’s residents. Some common ways of achieving this include vintage designs, art deco finishes, black windows, window walls, and bay windows. Although some of these features are present in older homes, Pro-Line Contractors and other window specialists can find unique ways to modernize each design for your specific layout.

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Dark Window Frames

Dark or black window frames are incredibly popular in the last few years. They offer your home’s exterior a distinctly defined look that creates quite a dramatic appearance. While black frames typically cost more than standard white frames, their look is well worth the extra expense.

Black window frames come in a wide variety, with both luxury and more homely options available. Regardless of which design you choose, following this trend allows homeowners to have a striking visual effect on people who see their homes. This trend is so popular that more than half of all orders for colored windows in the U.S. are for black windows.

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Vintage Designs

Older window designs may not be as popular as they once were. Still, some vintage window designs allow homeowners to build modern presentations using older styles. For example, exposed or stained wood frames are a common entry in the vintage window design category, along with other old-school techniques like rustic or antique wooden frames.

Acquiring authentic vintage window frames is often a hassle. Still, Pro-Line Contractors has connections with many suppliers who provide customers like you with the best vintage window designs. Our team will install them when you finish selecting your preferred layout. For a free quote, contact us today using the contact form on this page.

black window frame install on house

Art Deco Finishes

Art deco works include any designs designed to be symmetrical, geometric, streamlined, and, most importantly, simple. This style contrasts modern art pieces by focusing primarily on visual beauty encased in simplistic, easy-to-interpret designs, rather than complex designs that challenge viewers’ artistic taste. This style of art also persists in home design.

Art deco finishes are more popular than ever, and they are now one of the top window design trends. Stained windows, which have been popular historically, are the cornerstone of art deco finishes. Though, the manner of artwork featured on the glass determines whether it is classified as an art deco finish. Remember, simplicity is key when aiming for art deco appeal, so speak with your contractor to ensure that your chosen finish is in line with recent art deco window design trends.

black window frame install on house

Bay Windows

Bay windows include a large picture window accompanied by two smaller side windows. These windows usually project outward from the walls, making the room appear larger while also providing residents with an open view of their surroundings. While bay windows have maintained moderate popularity across the western world for decades, this window design trend has gained even more traction in recent years.

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How To Incorporate Window Design Trends in Your Home

Once you have an idea of which window design trends you want to be included in your home’s design, the next step is finding the best means of implementing those designs. Ideally, you should reach out to a professional contractor with experience installing a variety of window structures. Depending on what you want, a significant amount of construction could be necessary. Rely on someone with dedicated experience.

That’s why we recommend you trust the job to Pro-Line Contractors. Our team of contractors has proudly served Homer Glen, Orland Park, Mokena, Oak Forest, Tinley Park, Frankfort, and the surrounding areas of Illinois for more than three decades. We strive to build a strong relationship with our clients by providing exceptional service that far surpasses the industry average.

To learn more about our perspective on current window design trends and how to incorporate window design trends in your home, contact us today!

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