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Beautiful Bay Windows

Here at Pro-Line we want you to have all the luxuries, so we provide you with all the assorted styles of windows that are available. A beautiful bay window can really make your house look amazing.

A bay window (or garden window) can give your living space that finishing touch your dream home needs.

Imagine having an abundance of sunlight and a larger appearance of a room. There are many unique styles of bay window that can be matched to today’s modern styles.

(And think of how happy your dog or cat will be at its new wonderful out door view of the squirrels and birds.)

Consider adding a garden window to your kitchen. Every kitchen sink should have a garden window, so you can enjoy the outdoor beauty while soaping up pots and pans.

It’s also nice to have some plants and herbs in the bay to bask in some of the sunlight.

Bay windows in the bathroom?


Garden windows are perfect for the bathroom. Garden windows in bathrooms will make the room appear larger with extra light and space. Add some shelves on the extra wall space that is created between the panes for accent candles and foliage.

You will want to spend all your time in the bathroom.

The type of materials, size, style, and extent of your remodel are going to determine the price. Our experts at Pro-Line can help you make informed decisions on what is best for your living space. Prior to ordering, we will inspect the area and determine if the space will be durable enough for installation of your new fabulous window. 

At Pro-Line, we build all our windows for longevity and beauty. Our pros are ready whenever you want to install your new beautiful bay and gorgeous windows.