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Storm Damage Services from Pro-Line Contractors

Storms Threaten, Damage Happens

When the weatherman calls for hail, wind, heavy rain, tornadoes, or ice, storm damage can happen. A damaged roof may seem like the worst news of all. After all, nothing hurts like seeing your beloved home damaged by a violent storm. Yet, with Pro-Line Contractors, you can relax when dark clouds threaten. You can count on a leader in the roofing business.

At Pro-Line Contractors, we act quickly to get your roof back in optimal shape. We provide roofing services like restorations and roof replacements for residents in the Homer Glen, Illinois area. Our team offers high-quality services every time, making your home look better than when the storms came.

Roof Restoration after Storm Damage

Roof restoration can restore your roof without starting over. We replace and refit any part of your roof affected by storm damage, whether joints or shingles. By the end, we will remake your roof so entirely that it looks new.

Fortunately, we can save you storm damage costs with roof restoration. If we see that we can restore your roof without replacing it, we save you the higher price of a new roof. Therefore, you get a roof that protects you and your home. At the same time, your roof looks more beautiful than ever. What’s more, it lasts longer than it would have if the storm damage never happened!

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placing deck down for shingle installation

Sometimes You Need Roof Replacement

Our team of expert roofers looks first for ways to restore your roof. However, if no one could get your roof back into its best condition, we may recommend starting over with a new roof. It may feel extreme, but storm damage can take an incredible toll, especially in Illinois. Here, we face a diverse range of weather hazards. Still, when you need a total roof replacement, it’s good to know you have a proficient roofing team ready to help.

Storm Damage Lets You Rethink Your New Roof

Roof replacements give you much room to try new designs and roofing materials. You get a chance to play with different colors, styles, and materials of shingles. You can even change the entire roof design to a certain extent. We can show you the options and advise you on the best choices that fit your needs and wishes.

Get the Practical Roof Replacement You Need

The Pro-Line team keeps costs low and works safely and efficiently. Your new roof can grace your home shortly, giving back the curb appeal you love. Your home is once again protected, along with your family and possessions. Even better, you now have a roof that will last for many, many years ahead.

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It All Starts with a Roof Inspection after Storm Damage

You won’t know whether you need a roof restoration or replacement until someone conducts an inspection. Our roof inspectors take special care to examine all parts of your roof, even features that don’t show on the outside. Beyond that, we look for hard-to-spot problems that could cause problems later if a different roofer fails to inspect them adequately.

By the time we give you an inspection report, you know the extent of the storm damage. You have a list of all the specific problem areas. Finally, we provide you with a recommendation for roof restoration or replacement and give you an accurate, reasonable estimate. Once you decide what to do, we schedule your roof work and prepare to beautify and safeguard your home.

We Work with Your Home Insurance Company

Our roofing team has abundant experience working with insurance adjusters in our region. We know how to get you the full and fair value for your storm-damaged roof. We provide you and your insurance company with an accurate estimate based on our current materials and reasonable labor costs.

Then, we make ourselves available to review what your insurance company offers and how your roof replacement fits into their requirements. Throughout the process, we advocate for you to ensure you get the best replacement roof your insurance can cover.

Pro-Line Keeps You Safe and Does Your Roof Right

Many people consider doing roof work for themselves. However, if you do that, you could run into several roadblocks. Most seriously, you could fall from the roof while trying to fix it. Falls commonly happen when people don’t know or follow safety procedures.

In addition, if you don’t have enough experience with roofs that have storm damage, you likely won’t know all the places to look for trouble. Plus, you may end up with poor materials or a worthless warranty. At Pro-Line, we help you avoid all these issues. As a result, you get a brand-new or restored roof without all the hassles and dangers.

Choose Pro-Line Contractors for Your Storm-Damaged Roof

Choosing the best roofing company in your area protects you from scams, overpricing, and shoddy roofing work. However, when you select Pro-Line Contractors to replace or restore your roof, you can put all your storm damage woes in the past.

Afterward, you can move on to enjoying your distinctive new or new-looking roof. Finally, you can relax, knowing that Pro-Line has done the job with a professional attitude and exceptional skill. Never settle for less than the outstanding roofing services you get from Pro-Line. You can contact us any time a storm hits for our full service. From start to finish, we focus on giving you an excellent customer experience. Your roofing project gives us our greatest reward – the opportunity to provide Illinois people with the best in roofing services.

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