At Pro-Line, our licensed roofing contractors provide fascia and soffit services. Every part of your roofing system goes together to create the total picture of protection and beauty. The soffit and fascia give your home a finished look. They protect the exterior of your home from water, wind, animals, mold, and anything else that tries to get inside. We can do these services before, during, and after any roof installation or restoration. Besides that, we can provide a standalone service. With Pro-Line, your soffit, fascia, and your entire roof get the professional touch!

What Are Soffits and Fascia?

The soffit and fascia do not make an insignificant, last-minute addition to your home’s exterior. On the contrary, they have many crucial functions and give your home a more beautiful appearance.
A soffit is the underside of certain structures, including balconies and arches. The most common use of the soffit is as the small, ceiling-like board below your overhanging eaves.
The fascia connects to the outer side of the soffit and the roofline. It faces outward on the front of your home. The fascia comprises a very small section of the façade of your home.

Is that enough information for you?  Now that you know what soffit & fascia is, and what you’re looking at, do you need help today with the soffit and fascia on your home?

cable cord sticking out of hole to install lighting on new soffit installation

How Are Soffits and Fascia Constructed?

Roofers construct your soffit and fascia in a customized process. We use strong, durable materials so that they continue to protect your home for many years to come. Common materials for soffits and fascia include sturdy wood and thick aluminum. With the proper construction techniques, your these structures endure sun, wind, and weather year after year.

Why Bother with Fascia and Soffits Services?

Our soffit and fascia services give your home excellent curb appeal. Yet, you may not realize all the other practical purposes they serve.
The fascia and soffit do all these things to make your home more livable:

  • Keep animals from entering your home through the space below your roof
  • Protect your home’s interior by keeping out unwanted moisture
  • Cover your rafters and eaves to avoid exposure to the elements
  • Prevent wood rot that could happen if water ran along the upper front of your home
  • Minimize the risk of interior leaks
  • Avoid the growth of mold
  • Prevent the roof deck from failing
  • Keep gutters in place
  • Cover the ends of the rafters to improve your home’s appearance
  • Provide improved ventilation
  • Boost curb appeal

With all these benefits, your soffit and fascia services may matter much more than you ever realized. For that reason, you need to have each part expertly built and properly maintained. Your home depends on you and the roofing team you choose.

Signs You Need Soffit and Fascia Services

A brand-new home should have a well-built protective fascia and attractive soffit. However, after a while, these parts of your home need attention. In general, you should have them inspected twice a year. Yet, you might need to look at them at other times as well. Call your roofing inspection company if you see any of the following signs you might need soffit and fascia services.

  • Cracked or flaking paint
  • Gutters leaking even after you clean them
  • Signs of bugs, rodents, birds, or other pests in your roof or attic
  • Water pooling in the space beneath your roof
  • Poor ventilation that might indicate damage or blockage
  • Signs of damage after a storm such as missing or broken boards

When these problems arise, do not panic! You can get the soffit and fascia services from a trusted roofing company in Homer Glen, IL. Contact us today to get your home back in peak condition.

Complete Services

The Pro-Line Contractors roofing team provides a range of soffit and fascia services. No matter what the issue, we solve it with expert craftsmanship and dedicated service to you.

new soffit under roof ProLine Contractors

Inspections and Estimates

We recommend regular roofing inspections so that we can address any problems as they come up. Having inspections twice a year prevents many of the most extensive damages. We inspect, examining each foot of these features of your home’s exterior.

After the inspection, we report any damage or risks. Then, we provide you with a detailed estimate for any work we suggest you do. Finally, if you have any questions, we take the time to discuss the situation more.



Homeowners often like to give their homes a fresh look or add functionality to their soffits and fascia. We can give your soffits a new look if you like. Updates can also include adding lights along the soffit. This small addition gives your home a more welcoming look and adds security features.


Suppose your soffit has damage that you cannot easily fix. Pro-Line can replace the entire soffit, the fascia, or both. Doing this could prevent monumental problems in the future.


We install soffits for new homes and home remodels or restorations. Do you want a new soffit or a new fascia? If so, it makes sense to choose a company that will do it right the first time.

Choose Pro-Line for Soffit and Fascia Services

Choosing the ideal roofing contractor with soffit and fascia services may seem difficult. However, when you do, it means your home is protected and appealing for the long term. But how do you decide when so many companies offer these services? You can make the right decision if you evaluate each team by these four criteria.

  • Reputation: What do the BBB, reviews, and testimonials say about them? What does the media say?
  • Professionalism: Do they behave appropriately, kindly, and competently? Do they treat you, your family, and your home with respect? Do they act like they know what they are doing?
  • Expertise: Do they have the education, training, experience, and credentials to do the outstanding work your home requires?
  • Competitive Pricing: How do their rates stack up against other reputable companies?
  • Communicative: Do they speak with you, explaining their recommendations, processes, and pricing?

Consider everything Pro-Line has to offer and who we are as a premier roofing company. When you see the difference between our team and others, you will know an important truth. At that point, you have found your best option for soffit and fascia services.

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