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Soffit and Fascia Replacement

Come to the pros at Pro-Line Contractors when you need to replace your soffit and fascia. We provide a full range of high-quality soffit and fascia installation and replacement services. Our skills and experience stand out where others fail. We provide top-notch soffit and fascia replacement services in and around Homer Glen, Illinois. With Pro-Line on your side, your home always performs well and looks fresh and up to date.

Are Your Soffit and Fascia Showing Wear?

You may not spend much time looking at your soffit and fascia. Yet, if you examine them, you may notice that they have problems and imperfections. How can you tell if they need to work? In most cases, you need a full inspection from a professional roofer. Thus, you ensure that your soffit and fascia can still protect your rafters, roof, and home interior.

However, you may notice right away if the soffit and fascia have extensive wear and tear. Look for worn or cracked paint. Check for signs of pest intruders. Pay attention to leaking gutters or pooling water around your roof. If you see any of these signs of wear, replacing the soffit and fascia makes sense.

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What’s Wrong with DIY Soffit and Fascia Replacement?

You may feel tempted to replace your soffit and fascia on your own. However, we at Pro-Line do not recommend it for your sake and the sake of your home. Why?

First, replacing your entire soffit and fascia can cause you incredible frustration. Unless you have been in the construction business for years, you will likely struggle. Beyond that, you could have a soffit and fascia system inadequate to protect your home.

For example, you cannot buy a complete kit of pre-cut boards that matches your unique home. Therefore, you will need to figure out the number and sizes of boards you need. Then, you must measure and cut each piece precisely. Otherwise, you could waste expensive materials or leave gaps where water and pests can come inside your home.

soffit and fascia board sealing to roof siding

Why Choose Professional Roofers?

Soffit and fascia replacement requires meticulous installation that most homeowners cannot accomplish well. Your professional roofers cut each piece to measure to fit perfectly into place. Only experienced roofers can provide exceptional custom soffit and fascia replacement. Therefore, we leave you with a home where everything goes together as it should – both visually and structurally.

Besides the skill and competence that you get from our team at Pro-Line, you also benefit from their professional attitude. We arrive on time, work efficiently, and conduct your project in a businesslike yet friendly and respectful way. After cleaning up the job site, we leave you with peace of mind. You now have a beautiful, well-constructed soffit and fascia replacement.

Upgrades and Changes for Your Soffit and Fascia

We encourage you to get excited about your soffit and fascia replacement. After all, since you have chosen to redo them, you might as well make any updates and changes you want.

For example, we can paint the soffit and fascia to match your new siding or paint color. You can switch from aluminum to fiber cement or wood to create a different appearance. We could also add lights to brighten up your home, keep animals away, and discourage burglars.

So, think about what you would like to update or change. Or we can make suggestions if you do not know what options would work well for your home.

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Ask for Regular Inspections

We suggest routine inspections because soffit and fascia damage can hide from outward appearances. Keeping these parts of your home well-maintained can prevent many problems later. By ensuring no water can get past your soffit and fascia, we prevent mold and mildew. That helps you avoid water damage from destroying your roof, walls, and home interior. Of course, this helps you avoid replacing all those other parts of your house.

Do not hesitate to ask for an inspection of your soffit, fascia, and roof. We suggest a twice-yearly check so that we can catch problems before they lead to extensive damage to your home. Then, if you need a soffit and fascia replacement, we can schedule a time for it. Otherwise, we wait until you need assistance rather than pushing unneeded repairs. With our reputation for honesty and integrity, you can rely on us to treat you fairly every time.

fascia board replacement and new gutters

Expert Soffit and Fascia Replacement from Start to Finish

Replacing a soffit and fascia takes many steps, each of which our team knows well. We start by carefully removing the shingle mold, fascia, and soffit to avoid other damage. When we take off the soffit and fascia, we can see things that you might not. For instance, we look at the ends of your rafters to ensure their condition is sound. We custom cut the materials to prepare for the replacement. Next, we replace the soffit, any crown molding you have or want, and then put on the new fascia.

Naturally, each of these main stages involves many other smaller steps. However, with experts providing your soffit and fascia replacement, you can rest assured that we attend to every detail. At the end of the project, your home may look better than in years. More importantly, your soffit and fascia will now hold up to every challenge the Illinois environment can throw its way.

Call Now for Your Estimate!

At Pro-Line Contractors, we provide a full range of soffit and fascia services. From soffit and fascia installation to replacement, we take care of your home like no other roofing company in our area.

Do not wait until your soffit and fascia deteriorate any more than it has already. Call us today to set up an appointment for your free estimate for soffit and fascia replacement. After a thorough inspection, we spend time with you, discussing your goals and preferences. Then, we prepare a written estimate based on your specific home and the materials and labor needed for the project. Finally, you get to decide whether and when to move forward.

Think of your soffit and fascia as an investment in your home. When we finish, these areas of your home will function perfectly and look magnificent. In addition, they protect your home for you and impress buyers if you decide to sell. Contact us today to start getting your house in excellent shape!

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