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Soffit & Fascia Installation

Pro-Line is here to help you with your soffit and fascia installation in your home. Your soffit is an essential part of the house that is often overlooked.  Many homeowners don’t realize it even exists. Look up under your roof, you’ll notice a tiny section of “ceiling” between your home and the roof’s edge.  That is your soffit.  This small area allows water to fall off your house away from your siding or into the gutter.  Most of the time, the rain won’t even hit the house because of this efficient architectural design.

The edge rim of the soffit is your fascia. Having fascia installed by professionals is very important as well. Knowing a job is done right the first time will be reassuring to you, knowing that your home is safe.  Without adequately installed soffit and fascia, this small section of your home becomes a perfect spot for small critters to dwell, and many make it into attic spaces and in between walls!

Let the experts at Pro-Line inspect and replace damaged soffit or fascia because there is nothing more aggravating than trying to do a complicated repair on your home by yourself. Be stress-free and call Pro-Line for fascia and soffit installation on your home.

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The Process of Soffit & Fascia Installation

When installing a soffit piece on your home, you want to make sure it’s done by professionals. The purchased supplies are not precut and must be customized for each house. Replacing your soffit usually costs about $25 to $30 a linear foot installed, while replacing your fascia costs about $20 to $25 a linear foot installed.

Install Lights on the Soffit

Living in Illinois, we have quite a bit of wildlife roaming around our neighborhood. Either they’re looking for food or shelter. The place wildlife feels safest is in the darkness, so we suggest shining a little light at night with properly installed eco-friendly lights in your soffit paneling.  This will keep away nighttime pests like raccoons and coyotes.  And maintaining a well-lit property is a crucial deterrent to prevent burglary.

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Soffit & Fascia Replacement

Make sure proper actions are taken with signs of wear and tear. If mold and mildew become present in the underlining, the roof might be overrun with mold and mildew. We are forced to keep up with our homes with these drastically different seasonal weather conditions in the Chicagoland area – freezing cold to sweltering hot – our houses are left to warp and literally move before our very eyes. We recommend calling us every couple of seasons to ensure your roof, soffit, and fascia and the entire house aren’t going to have any further extensive damages due to normal “wear and tear” from our crazy seasons.  While we are checking out your soffit and fascia, we might as well shed light on your roof, windows, patios, and other maintenance as well – Our professionals handle it all!

No matter what size, shape, or style of your home, upkeep with these little areas goes a long way.  Clean and upkeeping the soffit and fascia on your roof will make a house look beautiful and healthy. Contact us today.

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