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Believe it or not, siding is just as important as your roof. Leaks don’t just come from above, and mold does not discriminate on where it chooses to live. Compromised siding is just as dangerous as a compromised roof. Siding that is not up to par is not only unsightly, but dangerous. The same issues that put our roofs at risk for damage also put our siding at risk, so if you’ve experienced Mother Nature’s wrath by way of storm damage, or your noticing dilapidation, don’t hesitate to call us.

Aside from the obvious reasons of leaks or mold to update siding, another great reason to give your home a siding refresher is to add value. Most all homeowners and real estate experts agree that curb appeal is imperative for resale and adding new siding to your home, increases the value of your home instantly.

With our wide variety of materials to choose from, finding the best siding and roof combination is easy, but what’s even easier is watching it all go up. Our team of siding professionals work swiftly and diligently to give your home the facelift it and you deserve. To request more information on our siding options, pricing, or to schedule an estimate just come on in or give us a ring!

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