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Siding installation

Pro-Line Siding installation Services

The certified and insured professionals at Pro-Line Contractors Inc. ensure your siding installation is correct the first time. Our safe and reliable services are guaranteed. Your energy cost will go down and the real estate value of your property goes up.

We begin with a thorough inspection. This siding inspection will provide everything you need to know about your siding project: cost, time, and all your replacement options. After you have all the information, you can make a well-educated decision on whether it is time to remodel your siding.

4 Popular Types of Siding Installation

Vinyl Siding Installation

Vinyl siding is the most popular option – easy and quick.

Although relatively durable, it is not unbreakable. Vinyl siding can be easily pierced, bent, or broken. Small imperfections and dilapidation take away from the aesthetic as well as the functional purpose of the siding.

Vinyl is the newest installation option available, as its widespread use began in the 1950’s. Nowadays, it can be made to look textured, like wood or even metal. Vinyl siding is the fastest option to install and lasts around 15-30 years. Vinyl is also known for being easy to clean with a quick power wash if too much dirt and mildew build up. More about Vinyl Siding Design

Brick Siding Installation

Before vinyl siding, here in the Chicagoland area, brick was the most popular installation. Our famous Chicago-style bungalows are known for their brick-clad faćades.

Brick siding installation is a bit pricier per square foot, but it pays off with a long-lasting life of up to 100 years. Also, upgrading to a brick-clad home may lower your homeowner’s insurance and make your home more fire resistant. On top of that, brick does not need much maintenance – no ongoing painting and refinishing needs.

Stucco Installation

Stucco or concrete siding adds a seamless and classy European-style elegance to your home. Your neighbors will take notice of the new seamless vacation-home look.

When adding this type of siding, you can choose from smooth to textured. While new siding adds curb-appeal, no matter which type you pick, stucco adds more value to your home compared to vinyl siding.

However, stucco siding requires fresh coats of paint when chips become unsightly.

Wood Siding Installation

Even though wood is not as easy to wash once paint starts to chip, wood siding provides an unmatched beautiful natural look to your home. Cedar is the top-of-the-line wood for creating wood siding. Wood siding must be made of a hard wood, other woods might be too soft and lead to moisture and rot.

During installation, wood siding needs to be treated to prevent decay, insects, mold, and dry rot. There are also many styles of wood siding, long-lap siding (an appearance similar to vinyl) or sidewall shake style (a unique look of staggered wood panels.)

The Fun Part

Choosing a Different Style Siding to Renovate Your Home

What makes siding installation so fun?  First, Pro-Line is always excited about new exterior design. It gives our customers a chance to be creative. Plus, technology improves every year, giving us a chance to use the newest energy efficient, low maintenance, and increased durability siding.

The best part is that Pro-Line Contractor’s Inc. can change the appearance of your home to look like a completely different house with new siding installation. A dramatic change from vinyl to stucco or a combination of vinyl and brick is guaranteed to improve your aesthetic curb appeal.

ProLine offers all the necessary finishing touches to complete your siding installation project; Trim work around the door frames and windows can be repainted as part of your siding project too. The trim material is made to match and are usually made from the same material as your siding – vinyl, wood, or stone.


Pro-Line Contractors, Inc. wants to make sure you are 100 % satisfied and completely love the way your siding installation looks. Roofs, gutters, and windows can be replaced at the same time your siding is getting put in. Call us today for a professional makeover.

Is It Time For A Replacement?

Wood Damage – If you notice any wood siding panels around your house crumbling or missing it is a sign to call.

Cracks – Cracked siding will not protect against the elements, this should be replaced immediately.

Warping – In Chicagoland, we know that the changing seasons cause extreme temperature changes from day to day. Years of this weather will eventually cause siding to buckle and separate.

If your house has any of these siding problems, call Pro-Line for your siding installation services. While we fix your siding problem, consider using our home remodeling services on any other aspects of your home. From your deck to your roof, Pro-Line can help!

Replace Damaged Siding

Do not wait on more damage from storms, warping from the sun, and other general damages. If siding has visible holes and tears it can lead to damages to the underlying structure.

If your siding was damaged by a storm, the cost of siding installation may be covered under your homeowner’s insurance. Read how Pro-Line can help with insurance claims related to your home from storms and natural disasters.

Siding near driveways are prone to little dings and dents along the bottom of the house. The bottommost portion of your siding, the skirt siding, may be damaged every time you drive through. Skirt siding can be replaced and comes in stone, brick, and as well as veneer styles.

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