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Pro-Line Contractors provides the outstanding siding services you need to keep your home protected and looking great. Our siding installation team’s expert-level knowledge and experience ensure that you get the best, most long-lasting results. In addition, we can help you choose the best siding for your location and home. With Pro-Line, you can count on an excellent outcome to your siding project.

Why Does Siding Matter?

Believe it or not, siding is just as important as your roof.

In fact, compromised siding causes as much threat as a compromised roof. Siding that is not up to par is unsightly and fails to protect your investment in your home. The same issues that put our roofs at risk for damage also put our siding at risk. So, if you’ve experienced storm damage or notice dilapidation, don’t hesitate to call us.

Benefits of Quality Siding Services

It may seem obvious that you would want the best siding services available. Yet, have you considered the specific reasons to choose quality siding installation and replacement? When you have correctly installed siding, you receive the following benefits.

Protection for Your Home

Perhaps the most critical benefit of quality siding installation involves protecting your home. First, you need suitable siding materials for your home and your climate. Pro-Line can show you the options and offer professional advice. For instance, we can provide recommendations for moisture-, impact-, fire-, and pest-resistant exterior siding.

Next, you need quality siding installation so that the siding does its job well. The ideal siding for you, properly installed, can protect your home from wind, rain, ice, and other environmental hazards.

Longer Siding Life

Would you like your siding to last as long as possible? If so, you need to make sure you choose the best siding installers. After all, poor installation can lead to leaks, mold, and early deterioration. When inexperienced siding installers place the panels incorrectly, water can seep through easily. Neglecting to follow the manufacturer’s instructions precisely can result in siding that does not stand up to the test of time.

Lower Energy Costs

Energy costs have skyrocketed in recent years. Therefore, it makes sense to choose siding that provides energy savings. Choosing Energy Star-rated siding helps immensely. After that, correct installation ensures that you get the maximum savings possible.

Safety and Peace of Mind

You avoid safety concerns when you choose certified and insured professionals for your siding project. Experienced, well-trained siding installers work in the safest ways. Thus, you can relax, knowing that you never have to face liability issues. Beyond that, you, your family, and your home stay well-protected throughout the process.

Siding Installation and Siding Replacement

Our siding services include siding installation for new and older homes alike. We guide you through every step of your siding project from start to finish. Choose our siding replacement services to refresh your home’s appearance and gain the practical benefits of superior siding.

Types of Siding

Feeling unsure about what type of siding you might prefer? At Pro-Line Contractors, you benefit from our experience with a wide range of siding options. As a part of our siding services, we offer reliable information and sound advice on siding. Then, you can choose a type of siding that will satisfy you for the long term. For example, we can give you all the details you need about wood siding, including installing, finishing, and maintaining it.

Our most requested types of siding include vinyl siding, brick siding, stucco siding, and wood siding. Because of their abundant experience, our team has excellent proficiency in installing each of these types of siding. With all the options we offer, you have more freedom of choice.

Steps in Our Siding Projects

Every siding project consists of several distinct phases. Your installer must perform each step with precision and care to achieve the best results. As the homeowner, you play a part in some of the phases. However, during the installation itself, you only need to relax and anticipate the beautiful results.

1. Inspection

Before we do any project, we begin with a thorough inspection. We visually examine your siding, looking for damage, mold, and wear. The assessment has more than one purpose, though. We not only find out if your siding needs replacing. We also discover issues that could recur. This knowledge sometimes helps us recommend the most appropriate type of siding for you.

2. Planning

The planning phase is a fun time. You can ask us any questions about the different types of siding or our siding installation. We assist you in finding siding you love and can enjoy for many years into the future. Ultimately, you choose the type, style, and color of siding you want. Then, together, we find a tentative date to begin your siding project.

3. Estimate and Approval

Once we know what type of siding you have chosen, we can create an estimate. We consider all the different materials needed, the size of your home, and the time required to do the work. Afterward, we give you an accurate estimate of the cost. Finally, you decide whether to approve the project and move forward.

4. Expert Installation

Finding the best siding and roof combination is easy with our wide variety of available materials to consider. Yet, what’s even easier is watching it all go up. Our team of siding professionals works swiftly and diligently to give your home the facelift it and you deserve. When we finish, you can enjoy the new look of your home. Even better, you can rest easy, knowing your new siding can protect your house very well.

We invite you to request more information on our siding services, siding options, pricing, or schedule an estimate. You can just come in, give us a ring, or contact us below!

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