Unique Holiday Decorations

Our Favorite Exteriors & Interiors

Cheerful Holiday Interiors

Our favorite interiors stray from the traditional red and green color scheme. We recommend venturing out and trying out white with gold or magenta with pink like our examples.



Side note:

Be Safe for the Holidays
If you don’t have a pets or toddlers we recommend putting lights everywhere: strung over furniture, doorways, and even loosely on the floor. Just be sure that you inspect Christmas lights and make sure no cords or lights are damaged. The last thing you need for the holidays is an electric shock or a fire.

Other Holiday Saftey Tips:

Decorations should be thrown out if broken or damaged.

Avoid thin glass and metal when purchasing future decorations for years to come.

Real trees can be a high fire risk if not watered frequently.

Luxuriously Lit Exteriors
Nothing spreads the joy in the neighborhood quite like a brightly trimmed tree and festive holiday lights. We’ve highlighted a few of our favorite decorated houses that we have seen to inspire our blog-readers. Unlike our favorite atypical color schemes for Christmas interiors, our favorite exteriors are traditional. Big red bows and evergreen wreaths will never go out of style.

Always A Local Favorite

If you need some extra seasonal inspiration we recommend going downtown to Macy’s (formerly Marshall Fields) annual window decorations. Macy’s is marking its 10th year of its “Reason to Believe” campaign and their windows look spectacular. (Going on now till January 7, 2018.)

Of course, one last thing that makes these holiday homes look delightful is they all have top-notch siding, windows, and roofs too.

If you find that the state of disrepair on your roof, siding, or windows is distracting from your holiday décor, don’t hesitate to give us a call at Proline Roofing, Siding, and Windows: 708-479-1237.

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