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Fall Cleanup

On Your Roof, Yard, & Deck

Roof Clean Up

This summer, we have seen plenty of storms, lighting and strong wind.  All of the local battered trees left branches, leaves, and debris piling up.  If you haven’t, make sure to clean the mess the storm leaves behind.  Weight from wet leaves can damage roofs.  Wet leaves and debris can stick to your shingles leaving them moldy and damaged. Prolonging removal can lead to a hard to get rid of moss build up.  

For extra help with keeping leaves out of your gutters you can try block off the top with a sponge or net so water can still escape down the drain spout.   Your roof protects you so protect your roof.

Yard Clean Up


Many people do not understand the importance of raking up leaves.  However, picking up your leaves is vital to keeping a healthy exterior – and leaves your property looking tidy (your neighbors will appreciate it.)

Make sure the leaves that fall to the ground get picked as soon as possible.

Leaves should be blown/raked and properly disposed of or turned into compost  for use in the spring.  Leaving a huge mess of leaves can only cause problems when they start to blow under you deck/porch area.  

Soggy leaf piles can damage siding and porches, even unseen areas under your porch.  And those leaf piles make perfect homes for insects, rodents, and unwanted pests.


Making sure to perform the Fall upkeep on the exterior of your home to prolong the life of your decks, porches, and patios.

Clean Your Deck

At the end of the summer it is important to make sure your deck is tidied up.  The winter sneaks up on us so fast. We recommend removing all spring and summer items and place them in a storage area while you have a chance!  

Once you clear away, you will have a good chance to sweep and ensure you’re not leaving any room for pests to hide as they look for places to make cozy homes for the winter.


If you need a hand with any of your home maintenance needs, don’t hesitate to call Proline.