Types of Shingles for Chicago Suburb Roofs

With many types of shingles to choose from, Pro-Line can help with the various decisions needed when reshingling your home. The arrangement of tiles, the right color, and material can all drastically alter the appearance and performance of your roof. Pro-Line contractors are certified and insured roofers for all the different shapes of roofs in Chicagoland.

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Shingle Colors

When selecting a color, it is best to choose one that goes with the facade of the rest of the house. Generally, warm tones go together, like reds, browns, and tans. The same with cool colors, like how blue-grey look better with darker greys and blacks. At Pro-Line Contractor’s Inc., we will recommend the best color combinations for you to make a knowledgeable decision on your home.

Why New Shingles?

If your roof is leaking, ceilings are starting to sag with moisture, or if you are beginning to see signs of water damage like staining or flaking paint, a roof inspection must take place. If water is getting in through the roof, it may be time for shingle replacements. 

The Value of New Shingles

Reshingling your home will increase the value. New asphalt shingles on your roof will add desirable curb appeal. While all parts on the top of the house are equally important, your neighbors will notice new shingles.

Pro-Line Contractors Inc. will help you choose the perfect type of shingle for your roof. The right style and type of shingle can add more than ten years to the lifespan of your roof!

The Shingle Replacement Process

Reshingling a home can be completed in a short amount of time. You can safely guesstimate the project to take about one week. Depending on the size of the house and installing shingles around tricky spots, it might be slightly longer. Of course, the weather must be free from terrible seasonal conditions, like snowy and stormy days. We start by carefully tearing off your old rooftop to detect any damages on the base decking. Next, if any wood replacements are necessary, we can help with minor maintenance on the spot. Then we carefully install your new shingles and reattach any gutter and trim to make your roof look new once again.

What Material is Best for My Shingles?


Asphalt shingles are by far the most common shingle Chicagoland residents install on their homes. They are lightweight and the lowest in price, but not extraordinarily long-lasting. The performance of asphalt shingles will not hold up to some of the nastiest weather in Chicagoland. Torrential spring downpours and brutal winter weather can wear down asphalt shingles quickly. By the time we put off some of the old shingles after a maximum twenty-year lifespan, they disintegrate to almost nothing. However, they make up for it by being lightweight, easy to install, and cheaper to maintain. Asphalt shingles last up to twenty years and are still a very trustworthy roofing material.

Want Something Different? Try Architectural Shingles

Stylish architectural tiles are also available. Architectural tiles are noticeably more appealing from the street. Architectural shingles are thicker asphalt shingles made with higher-grade products. These shingles can simulate more expensive and heavier shingles such as wood and slate shingles. One of our roofing material suppliers, GAF, has some great designs so you can fake a wood-shake with architectural shingles.

Architectural shingles are usually arranged uniquely and often create intricate patterns on the roof. Architectural tiles can last longer than traditional asphalt and can take the significant seasonal changes that typically tear up cheaper shingles.


Slatestone is one of the most durable roofing materials and can last up to 75 years or more! The best quality slate tile roofs can protect homes against the most dangerous weather conditions. Slate shingles are costly and very heavy – roofs may require extra support to sustain the weight of massive slate stone slabs. But in the long run, replacements are uncommon because slate roofs are extraordinarily durable. Slate is waterproof, can hold up in gusty winds, and are even fireproof – making slate the safest type of shingle.

Featured: DaVinci Slate and DaVinci Shake 

DaVinci Roofscapes, one of our roofing suppliers, offers a lighter, UV resistant polymer-based synthetic stone and faux wood roofing solution.  The DaVinci Slate shingle create the same look and appeal of slate without the weight and cost. While the DaVinci Shake has the same look of hand-split cedar shingles, but without the possibility of rotting, cracking, and curling. DaVinci shingles are durable, fire-resistant, impact-resistant, wind-proof (up to 110mph.)



Go green with solar shingles. These shingles improve home energy consumption costs, and by choosing this style of roof, it increases the value of your home. However, upkeep and regular maintenance checks can be costly. You can get up to 25 years with these modern-day eco-friendly roofs.

Wood Shake

These shingle roofs give your home a cottage look. They cost twice as much as asphalt but will last a little longer with a 30-year (or more) lifespan. If your dream home has wood as the roof, and it mixes well with the rest of the neighborhood, then this is the style for you. Wood shingles are a natural installation, which is an added benefit during the colder months. Add some extra curb appeal by installing mosaic custom designs for this type of shingle.


Metal roofs are more common in the Southwest but still appear in the Chicagoland area. It takes a lot to damage these types of shingles. Metal shingles are typically aluminum, copper, and steel. Depending on the metal, they last 40 to 60 years or more with little maintenance. If you love the sound of thunderstorms, you will hear practically every raindrop on a metal roof.

Call Pro-Line Contractors, Inc. to schedule an appointment for ideas on types of shingles that will work with your home. We will provide you with a competitive estimate for high-quality and professional roofing services. We always layout stylish options to choose the perfect shingle to match your siding and style.

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