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Roofing Services in Lemont

Pro-Line Contractors, Inc. performs residential roofing services in Lemont on single-family homes and more. Headquartered in Homer Glen, we have been in business for over forty years and have hundreds of satisfied roofing clients. We keep our clients satisfied by performing regular roof inspections every few years to ensure that all roof parts function correctly.  Roofing problems do “sneak up” on homeowners; In a short amount of time, the condition of your roof can go from good to bad. To minimize losses, you must take action as soon as damages occur. Inspections on the top of the house will help keep the interior (and structure) of your home dry.

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Visible Damages

When our specialists inspect roofs and signs are visible from the ground, damages underneath are likely. Visible lichen, moss, mold, and algae are all signs of damages under the shingles, which then lead to structural damage. If shingles appear to be shrinking from heat warp, become dislodged, or too weathered due to age, the deterioration of your shingles is the first sign that it is time to call for residential roofing services in Lemont.  If necessary, our team can replace more than shingles if water damage has crept underneath.

Why Inspections Are Important

Minor fixes and maintenance throughout the years save you money. Some say the lifespan of a roof is 10-20 years.  But do not wait for ten or twenty-years to begin inspecting your roof.  If you wait too long, there is a chance that there will be significant damages from years prior.

Often, the damage is noticed immediately in homes without attics.  Without an attic, the house has higher ceilings, referred to as cathedral ceilings, and water damage becomes immediately noticeable if you do not schedule maintenance when the issue occurs.

If holes begin to form in your roof, you are not only susceptible to water damage but wasted money on energy costs and even pest infestations.  And if you happen to face all of these consequences, a roof in a state of disrepair can become extraordinarily costly.

Roof damage leads to leaks, which leads to property damage, structural damage, and even worse, toxic black mold from stagnant water between walls. Damages from a leaky roof should be taken care of immediately by our roofing contractors at Pro-Line Contractors Inc.

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 Signs That You May Need Roofing Services In Lemont

Bent Sagging Gutters

One of the first signs of roof replacement includes the bending of gutters away from the structure of the house. If the roof is warping so much that the gutters begin to fall off, it may be time for a roof replacement. 

Visible Leaks

Water stains on the ceiling or visible water dripping are major warning signs that there may be an emergency problem with your roof. If your roof is leaking, this is a sign that your roof is in a significant state of disrepair.  The shingles, decking, and underlayment all likely need replacement. 

Sagging Roofs

Every year, our roofs withstand the bombardment of snow and ice storms.  The weight and brutal pounding from the Winter months cause several roofs to sag every year.

Essential Parts of the Roof

parts of a roof on a residential house
Base Decking – The Base

The base layer of the roof is called the decking or sheathing.  The decking is 5/8-inch plywood boards that cover the entire top of the house. In some roof replacements, the decking does not need replacement if the panels are still intact and aligned correctly.  

Protective Underlayment – The Waterproof Layer

The underlayment is vital to save your home from the severe seasonal weather that the Lemont area has. The underlayment is a 100% waterproof plastic barrier between the decking and the shingles. The protection of the decking relies on the performance of the underlayment.

Drip edges are put under the underlayment and hold onto the fascia above the house’s siding, leading water off the eaves boundary.

Flashing – The Seals

Rubber boots are flashings that fit around piping vents, made from silicone, prevent water from entering around the edges.  However, flashings easily crack from dry rot and age. The flashings and sealants are essential to protect parts of your roof. If they get broken, becoming loose, or dry-crack, water seepage will occur around vents, leading to roof leaks.  No cracking dry rubber around vents should be on any flashing. And rust should not be visible on vents and ducts.

Vents – For House Aeration

To ensure all the hot air escapes from your attic, proper ridge ventilation and the peak of the roof are essential to maintain. Usually coming to a point, gable ventilation is where air exits your house at the peak of the siding. If pieces of the vent break, animals and debris quickly come through. Ventilation maintenance on your roof are necessary; otherwise, your home would be damp and moldy.

Shingles – The Top Layer

Our certified team members at Pro-Line Contractors Inc will first tear off old shingles to inspect the underlayment of the roof.  We check for buckling and valleys between hips in your roof, things you would not see it from ground-level.

We Can Help

When all roof parts function correctly, no water will go underneath and into the house.

Today’s technology of new roofing products makes our homes safer (and dryer) than twenty years ago.  But homeowners and roofing inspectors must always keep an eye out for peeling shingles, buckling, and roof deterioration because costly damages to the property and structure of the house will occur.

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(Roofing Services in Lemont usually require a permit from the city.)