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Keeping Your Family Safe Is At The Top Of Our Priority List

Occasionally, a roof may drape over a garage, but in most cases your roof is over your  attic or directly over your living space.  The smallest leak can become a huge disaster if roof-runoff ends up on your valuables.  Pro-Line is here to help you with all your roof restoration and replacement needs on your residential roofs.

Seasonal Weather Conditions

In Illinois, we worry through each storm.  Wondering if any damage is happening to our roofs. It is stressful, especially if you have already been through a leak or roof-damage caused by weather.  The torrential rain, huge snow storms, and sweltering summers cause a tremendous amount wear-and-tear on roofs. Because of this, any professional or Chicagoland homeowner will recommend that you inspect your roof yearly to prevent irreparable damage ensure your roof is ready for the next season.

Roof Insulation

Ceiling or attic insulation is an important key factor in keeping your roof safe from the inside. When Winter weather strikes, you will want the snow to melt and drain properly off your roof.  If it doesn’t, ice dams will form causing extreme weathering to your roof – all due to poor insulation.  Heavy snow warps roofs, while melting snow runs off the roof the wrong way causing large drooping icicles. Not very safe to walk under – and even worse for your roof.  If you see any icicles – or ice dams – call Pro-line for a roof inspection.

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How Roof Restorations Can Buy You Time and Save You Money

Action Must Be Taken Before Damages Are Done

If you look in your attic, and you can see any pinholes of daylight coming into the interior of your home- this is a key indicator that restoration work needs to be done.  There are some other warning signs that we look for below.


Missing shingles
Something that seems as simple as a few missing shingles can turn into a much larger problem. It is recommended that you schedule an inspection as soon as you see a single shingle curl at the edge.

Water Stains
The most common indicator of a roof problem is water stains. Often times, moisture causes visible splotches or “water stains” on interior plaster and paint. Looking around the top floor of your home and inspecting walls and ceiling is an essential first step of an inspection.


Cracked Or Broken Tile, Slates, Or Damaged Concrete Shingles
The average lifespan of concrete roof tiles is about 50 years. However, it is recommended that even the strongest-style roofs get inspected yearly to avoid damage underneath the tile and major damages to the structure of your home.


Problems With Gutters or Flashing Around Chimney
Not having appropriate drainage can terribly damage a roof. Pro-Line will make sure your gutters and flashing around chimneys are all working properly as part of our residential roof inspections.

Roof “Sand”
It’s normal for shingles to lose some granules naturally. But if every time it rains, your downspouts are full of roof “sand” this indicates you’re your shingles are reaching the end of their lifespan.

Black Stains
Black stains on your roof may indicate algae growth between your shingles. Since algae needs a lot of moisture to grow, there is a probably a problem with moisture getting between your shingles.


Inspection on Residential Roofs

Pro-Line checks from the top of the roof to the bottom of the gutters. A roof inspection will give you an idea what possibly needs replacement, or if you are all ready for the next January blizzard or 105-degree day in July.

Most Chicago suburban homes have asphalt roof shingles and with high wind heavy rain storms, inches of snow each winter, and very hot drying sunny summers, residential roofs need restoration and replacement.  They do not last forever! If these shingled roofs have the maintenance necessary, they may remain sturdy and long-lasting, keeping your family safe and dry for years to come.  With the roof-technology today, the newest roof materials protect against the roughest storms.  And with proper maintenance, can last for over a dozen years!

Pro-Line Contractors is licensed and certified to handle residential roof restoration and replacement. Call Us Today for an estimate or inspection – We are happy to help!


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