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Homer Glen Roof Inspection

At Proline Roofing, Siding, and Windows, we are happy to help you with your Homer Glen roof inspection and roof restoration and replacement.  If you are in the market for a new roof give us a ring at 708-479-1237.   Call us for a free Homer Glen roof inspection and our professionals will let you know if you can breathe easy knowing your roof is up to par, or we will make professional recommendations for your roof.

Roof restoration will make your house feel like home again.  We are happy to come out and let you know after our inspection if there are major or minor issues.  We are a local business in Homer Glen which means we want all our neighbors to be reassured that they are living comfortably in their homes – dry and cozy under their roofs.   

Many large repairs can be avoided if a problem is quickly diagnosed. When left unnoticed and unmaintained, minor repairs turn into major problems and large roofing project are costly.

Check Your Gutter and Downspouts

As the years go by, gutters and downspouts may require replacement.  You will notice the metal bending, rust with holes, they may even fall apart, or get knocked down.  A lot of the times you might need just a few parts replaced – This can be a cheap quick repair that can save you a bundle in the long run.  

If you think it is the time to upgrade you gutters, brand new stainless stain and copper gutters are longer lasting, durable metal and a pleasure to look at. Gutters and downspouts are an important part of roof inspections to ensure the water flows away from the house.

Check Your Chimney Flashing and Caps

Chimney flashing and Caps should be inspected twice a year. Debris (even animals) may get stuck and/or weathering will occur which leads to a higher chance of your chimney getting clogged or causing problems with moisture inside your home.  

If we notice any wear on the chimney or fire pit, we will recommend appropriate repairs or replacements. 

Check the Skylights

Skylights can be all over the living area of your home. Our professionals are quick-to-spot an area that may tell if something doesn’t seem quite right… Noticing early signs can prevent a disaster. We can make sure that the flashing around your skylight and cap is not damaged.  With the weight of the winter snow or a heavy rain storm, leaks happen and inside attic, ceiling, between floors, and household items get damaged – It’s best to inspect, maintenance, and avoid problems like that altogether.

Let us help you with your small roofing projects before they become big ones with a free Homer Glen roof inspection.

Most importantly is the structure of the roofing materials.  Your roof might look okay from the inside but a brief inspection of the attic or around the perimeter of your property by a professional catch something unseen.


Contact us today because major water damage can make your house unsafe and uninhabitable.

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