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Pro-Line Gutter Replacement Services

Your gutters protect your home by carrying rainwater away from your foundation. So, what happens when your gutters are clogged, dented, and leaky? Then, it’s time to think about a gutter replacement. Without it, your home could end up with significant interior damage, not to mention the harm to your foundation. With brand-new gutters around your home, you can rest easy. After all, you know they have what it takes to do their job well.

What Happens If You Have Damaged Gutters?

Damaged gutters don’t do the job designers meant them to do. They don’t direct the water away from your foundation. In other words, they don’t catch the runoff from your roof. As a result, they look shabby, and your entire house could be damaged when they don’t work correctly. Here are some signs that let you know you need gutter replacement.

  • Ceiling leaks near exterior areas with gutters
  • Gutters coming loose from the structure
  • Dented, bent, or hail-damaged gutters
  • Water pooling around your foundation
  • Sagging gutters
  • Clogged gutters

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Replace Clogged, Dented, & Leaky Gutters!

We are the professionals for you if you need any part of your gutters replaced or a complete gutter installation.  Pro-Line Contractors install gutters on buildings of all shapes and sizes.  Give us a call today for a FREE estimate on your gutter replacement!


Don’t Have A Clue What’s Going On Up There?

If you have any sort of roof or gutter problem, we will gladly inspect to insure your gutters are properly secured to your home and that your roof is up to code.

You can schedule a FREE inspection for your gutter replacement right now.


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Clogs – The Most Common Gutter Problem

First off, clogged gutters are useless. They spill over and can potentially ruin the lawn/garden beneath, your siding, and – in worst-case scenarios – your foundation!

If your gutters look like this, don’t be embarrassed – we totally understand how difficult of a job cleaning gutters can be. Whether your gutters are inaccessible, too high/ out-of-reach, or its just to “icky” for you, give us a call. Our certified and insured experts will use the proper equipment to make your regular gutter maintenance a breeze!

Why Gutters Fail

Gutters don’t last forever, but sometimes, you need gutter replacement long before their expected lifespan. The following factors can contribute to a need for gutter services.

squirrel on roof putting nuts into gutter clogging it and not alowing water to escape to downspout contact Pro-Line Contractors before more damage occurs

Poor Maintenance

Gutters must have periodic attention to ensure they are still clean and functional. If you don’t check your gutters, you won’t know if they are bent, broken, or rusty. That’s why we thoroughly inspect your gutters before we begin any services.
If you or the prior residents didn’t take care of the gutters, we don’t judge. However, you might have a valid reason for focusing on other things. For example, suppose you can’t take the chance of climbing a ladder to clean them yourself. In that case, no one should expect you to endanger yourself. In fact, we won’t even ask why your gutters have failed. Instead, we concentrate on getting them back in shape with a complete gutter replacement if you need it.

Weather Hazards

The weather here in Homer Glen and all of Chicagoland can quickly turn fierce. Wind can blow loose gutters off the house. Hail can leave your gutters dented. Freezing and thawing water and snow can put pressure on your gutters, warping or dislodging them.
And contrary to what some people claim, our area sometimes gets tornadoes. Snow might build up on your roof, pushing on gutters as it melts. The weather might spell trouble for your gutters, but nothing a professional gutter replacement can’t fix.


When birds have filled your gutters with nests, clogs happen quickly. Other wild animals might also choose your home’s gutters as their home. When wildlife is on the roof, gutters are prone to fail. If the wildlife doesn’t stay out of your gutters, you might need gutter guards to keep them out. At Pro-Line, we can manage this task for you.

Ordinary Wear and Tear

In our area, you can find many homes built long ago. You probably need a gutter replacement if your gutters fail due to age and wear and tear. Then, all your gutters will surround your home to save your foundation and the interior and exterior of your home, too.
Pro-Line inspects your gutters and roof to determine if they have failed or have any damage. After the inspection, we might provide a written estimate for gutter replacement. We will let you know if you need gutter replacement or only require a helper to clean them. However, if you need new gutters, we give you a written estimate and replace the gutters if needed.

downspout adjusted to ensure water escape properly from gutters

Gutter Replacement Options

The job of replacing gutters has come a long way in recent years. Now, you have more options than ever. At one time, gutters mainly were all alike. They were functional but not beautiful. Besides that, they only had one job – to carry water from your roof to the downspouts.
Today, though, you have several options. We mentioned gutter guards, and this trend has gone on for quite a while. Gutter guards keep out leaves as well as pesky birds and rodents. For ease of use, you can’t do better than hinged downspouts. These particular parts allow you to lift the gutter whenever you need to do lawn maintenance or other chores. Finally, you can have luxury gutters with elegant copper downspouts.

How Gutter Replacements Can Save You Money

At Pro-Line Contractors, we understand if you don’t want to spend money on gutters. That’s a typical response. Yet, we have seen many homes damaged by ill-fitting or damaged gutters. We suggest you consider your gutter replacement as an investment in your home. With clean, working gutters, you can save money. You do that by avoiding damage to parts of your home that would cost you much more to replace.

Damaged gutters do not perform their intended jobs well. If a gutter becomes loose from your house, has damage from hail, or is not properly maintained, it will not catch the runoff from your roof and send it away from your house as intended.

The gutters and downspout on your house should force the rainwater (or melting snow) AWAY from the foundation of your house. Any house can become VERY easily damaged if water collects at its base. Freezing, thawing, and erosion of your foundation can take place if your house does not have proper drainage.

We care for all aspects of your roof, from gutters to shingles. The professional at Pro-Line is expert handymen and engineers. Our experienced staff can ensure your gutters are set up correctly and efficiently.

Not sure if your gutters are in need of replacement? Call us today at 708-479-1237 or Request An Estimate from our trained professionals.

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Luxury Gutters

Gutters can have many luxurious features to make gutter maintenance a little easier for you.

Hinged downspouts – so you can easily lift the gutter out of the way when mowing the lawn!

Copper downspouts – Copper downspouts are a new trend that we think looks chic and vintage on any house.

Gutter Guards – A necessity if your home is near a wooded area, but a luxury feature elsewhere. Gutter guards keep leaves and debris out of your gutter to prevent clogs from forming.

too many leaves and debris will damage your shingles when water cannot escape to downspout contact Pro-Line Contractors

Pro-Line Gutter Replacement and More

At Pro-Line Contractors, we work on many gutter projects every year. Beyond that, we can restore or replace your roof when the time comes. In addition, we provide a wide variety of services for your roof and nearly any other part of your home. You can check out a list of what we do on our services page.

Gutters might not have a glamorous look. You might not think about them very often. But when they fail at their intended purpose, it’s time to get them back in top condition with Pro-Line gutter replacement. To start, request an estimate. Or you can call or message our Contact Us page to learn more about why and when to replace your gutters.

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