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We are a reliable family business providing the best maintenance and replacements that roofing contractors offer. Pro-Line provides services to Will County and Southern Cook County area. Think of the future, and protect your home with roof services from only the best quality roofing contractor. We conduct roofing services from installations to restoration and replacements. For over 40 years, we have protected our customers’ homes with reliable roofs, and we will continue for decades to come. Our clients sleep comfortably, knowing that the professionals from Pro-Line keep the roof over their heads 100% leak-proof and secure.

During inspections, we check for curling, buckling, or missing shingles. Seeing any of these signs may let us know if further damage is lurking underneath. When the protective seal wears off on the shingles, only wood lies beneath, leading to leaky holes to the inside your home. Visible signs of damage to shingles inevitably mean restoration and replacements need to take place.


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Construction Time

Firstly, we prioritize the safety of our customers and our roofing contractors during and after construction. The noise that comes from roof contractors during construction is loud and may cause stress and discomfort. You may want to choose a quieter place for pets and small children while we work. Also, cars parked in the driveway may need to move as building materials and supplies should be dropped off as close as possible to the property. Having supplies close by usually speeds the job up and makes work more convenient for our contractors. If replacing a roof, playsets, patio sets, and exterior items around the property need to be cleared or covered over for construction dust. When the old roof material needs to come down, dirt and debris fall along with it.

When Are Roof Inpections Required?

Apparent needs (tell-tale signs you can look for) include loosening of vents, gutter detachments, and flashing not coming to a complete seal. These issues lead to significant problems for the roof and the rest of the house. Please note that roof replacement is not a do-it-yourself project. Attempting a roof replacement without proper equipment and training is far too dangerous. Even for an inspection, as simple as it seems, never go on your roof, especially older, dryer ones. Unnecessary roof visits can put significant gaps in the shingles and rip them out of their nailed spot. We want to make your house looks up to date and free from visible flaws. Call to have regular inspections on your roof before small flaws in your roof become leaky disasters.


When Are Roof Replacements Required?

If regular shingle-maintenance does not take place, the damage becomes irreparable, and the entire roof may need replacing. Unfortunately, roofs become old, and a dry rotten roof cannot be saved. Once twenty-plus years go by, the supporting structure under the shingles starts to wear down. Signs of water damage include discolored paint, mold, and algae growth.

Another simple way to tell a roof replacement may be necessary is by looking in your attic. If you see the outside sunshine through gaps in your roof, a roof renovation or replacement is undeniably required. If the sunlight is shining through, that means outside air, water, and pests can all get into those gaps! Also, discoloring ceilings from water damage and sagging from the weight above indicates significant issues. Severe water damage leads to full roof replacements.


When Do I Need Shingle Installation?

Whether you are reshingling, reroofing, or replacing the whole or a small section of the roof, installing shingles will be the final step. The shingles are the essential topmost layer of the roof. Age is the main reason to call roofing contractors to install a new layer of shingles. Most shingles only last 15 – 20 years, some homeowners wait longer, but waiting tends to lead to more long-term damage to the underlayment of the roof, or worse, the structure of the home!

Reshingling a roof is the simplest way to fix a roof. Tear off old shingles and replace them with new ones. However, contractors may only complete reshingling two or three times before the plywood deck underneath can no longer hold nails and need to be replaced (also known as a “roof replacement.”)

Reroofing a house is laying down a new set of shingles on top of existing shingles.  Before we accomplish this task, we must ensure the existing shingles are firmly in place, and the ice barrier must be intact. However, if there is already a double layer of shingles, the third layer of new shingles will not adhere properly.


Remember: Safety First

Do not attempt to conduct even the simplest tasks up on the roof, even if they seem like small fixes. Only licensed roofers should perform a roofing contractor’s job. Frankly, you should want to hire the best. Give us a call at Pro-Line or contact us with questions so we can help right away.

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