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What Is the Process of Roof Replacement?

Aside from a foundation repair, a roof replacement can be one of the most costly and time-consuming repairs on a home. And though, on average a roof will last twenty to thirty years, the time will eventually come when every homeowner will need to pursue roof replacement. Whether the roof has aged, the shingles have buckled, there has been water damage, or you can see sunlight through the roof boards, homeowners should understand the process of roof replacement. Knowing what to expect can make the entire roof replacement process more manageable, less stressful, and even more economical.

So what is the process of roof replacement?

removing asphalt shingles roof replacement part of roof replacement process

The 8 Steps of Roof Replacement

The general process to replace a roof consists of eight steps. Some contractors try to cut corners, however. Therefore, homeowners must know what to expect and have insider knowledge to know that they are in good hands with their roof replacement contractor. For example, look at the list of eight steps that the Pro-Line Contractors team in Homer Glen, IL, outlined below.

1. Roofing Material Delivery

Roof replacement requires many materials, and most contractors won’t bring your materials with them on the day of roof replacement. Therefore, you should be prepared to receive your roofing materials anywhere from one to two days before the project begins.

2. Keep Vehicles Out Of The Way

The most accessible place to store the roofing materials for the job is in your driveway. However, workers will come and go from your driveway to their work trucks and up and down to your roof. You can assume that personal vehicles left in the garage or driveway will be challenging to get to. Thus, your next step in the roof replacement project is to relocate your cars for the time being.

3. Protecting Your Roof

The next step for your roof replacement project includes tarping the ground for the dump zone. Additionally, your roofing contractor will set up tarps to protect your shrubbery and any nearby landscaping. The team at Pro-Line Contractors will take all steps to protect your property during the project.

4. Out With The Old

Here is where the real fun begins. At this point in the process, your roofing contractor will rip off your old roof. Most contractors, including Pro-Line Contractors, will start at the furthest corner of the roof away from your driveway. This helps ensure that the roofers move towards the dump side and closer to the new materials that are ready and waiting. Additionally, after we tear off each section, part of the crew will stay on the roof to install the new portions. This means less back and forth foot traffic on your roof, and it also helps save a great deal of time.


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5. Replace Gutters

Before installing the new roof, your roofing contractors will replace your gutters. Doing this ensures that any debris from the roof removal and leaves and other blockages are free and clear before the new roof goes on. But, we would be remiss if we didn’t provide a reminder that gutters need to be cleaned periodically throughout the year. So, don’t wait for a roof replacement to ensure that your gutters are cleaned out and working correctly.

6. In With The New

At long last, your roofing contractor is ready to begin installing the new roof. As we said earlier, the roofing crew will work systematically around your roof, removing old pieces and installing the new portions. Not only is this the most efficient process, but it also helps to protect your home underneath.

new gutters with roof replacement

7. Clean-up

Don’t worry, any professional roofing contractor will be sure to clean up roofing debris after completing the job. They’ll also blow off your roof to ensure the remaining debris gets down to the dump zone. The crew will also blow out your gutters again as well as your downspouts to clear them of any new roofing debris. At this point, they’ll roll up all the tarps, collect their tools, and clean up everything on the ground. Though your roofing contractor will do everything possible to pick up all roofing nails, occasionally, a stray nail is left behind. Be sure to be on the lookout in the days to follow for anything missed.

8. Roofing Contractor Inspection

Now that the new roof is on and your property is clean, the contractor will return to inspect the final product. They’ll make their way up to your roof, look around, and ensure that the quality of the roof meets the standards that you should expect. Your roofing contractor should take pride in their work and ensure that you receive what you paid for.

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