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Roof Design 101

Common Chicago-Style Roof Shapes


In every neighborhood, on every home, a beautifully-shaped roof adds to the character and charm.


A change in roof-shape could create space inside your home or add an entirely fresh style!


Every once in a while, a necessary roofing project becomes a premium opportunity to remodel. If you have always wanted to remodel the top-most portion of your home but didn’t know what types of roofs were available, here are some common terms for roof types that may even inspire you to change your own!

Gable Roof 

The gable roof, also known as pitched or peaked, or an “A” frame, is the most popular roof in the Chicagoland area.  A gable roof provides the cozy home look we all love.  A roof can have multiple gables, small and large to create a unique suburban look for a home. The more details and extra gables, the higher risk of storm damage.

Hip Roof

A hip roof has slopes on all four sides, commonly seen in bungalows and cottages. It is solid and durable. Complex hip roofs have several four-sided slopes.  These roofs are very stylish and add a luxurious accent to a house.

Mansard Roof

A mansard roof is a type of hip roof with two varying angles; the lower roof angle much steeper than the upper. Some Chicagoans have been converting their homes from a hip to a mansard, adding a floor and providing a spacious living area.

Gambrel Roof

Like a mansard, a gambrel roof has the lower part of the roof at a much steeper angle than the upper part.  But a gambrel is two-sided instead of four. Most people who have this style of roof have the benefit of an additional floor. This roof is commonly associated with barns and a more “country-style” look.

Shed Roof

The shed roof is simple in design – a single pitched plane going in only one direction. It is used most of the time for a section of the house or an add on. A shed roof is the easiest and cheapest to build. 

Flat Roof

Flat roofs are layered in tar or covered with pebbles.  Flat roofs, combined with style of window frames can create a modern and artsy feel to your home. They are susceptible to wear and tear due to seasonal conditions so a flat roof should be cleared regularly.  

Flat or angle, tall or wide, it is important for regularly maintenance every roof.

To replace or remodel your roof call Pro-Line Contractors. 

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