How Long Does a Roof Last?

Whether you are purchasing a new home or looking to renovate and put some love and care into an existing one, you want your investment to last.

Further, when it comes to your home’s exterior, you want to make sure that not only will your home maintain excellent curb appeal now and for the years to come, but that the exterior components will keep your home and everything inside safe and secure.

For this reason, many homeowners want to know how long does a roof last?

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8 Factors that Impact Your Roof’s Lifespan

Many factors can impact how long your roof will last. But, on average, homeowners can anticipate that Asphalt and shingle/ composite roofs, common in the Midwest, will last on average about 20 years. Slate, copper, and tile roofs, more common in the southern states, can easily last over 50 years. And, common in the Northeast, wood shake roofs can be expected to last about 30 years.

However, the above periods are simply an estimate and are based on the following eight factors.

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1. Roofing materials

The materials that you select for your roof will by far make the most impact on how long your roof will last. Housing associations and geographies will usually play a significant role in the type of materials you can select.

2. Weather conditions and geography

If you live in an area subject to hurricanes or tornadoes, you are more likely to have to replace your roof long before the material would give out on its own. And, excessive rains and blizzard conditions can shorten the lifespan as well.

3. Installation and workmanship quality

The reputation of your contractor does matter. Just about anyone says that they can install a roof these days. And even if you select the highest quality roof, if it is installed incorrectly, the lifespan will shorten dramatically and can put your home at risk for leaks, drafts, and more.

asphalt shingle on Chicago home
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Roofing inalling metal materials

4. Exposure to the sun

Though soaking up the rays on Vitamin D is good for your body; it isn’t so good for your roof. Excessive heat can cause your roof to see wear and tear far faster than under more neutral conditions. And UV radiation can lead to cracks.

5. Slope

When it comes to the pitch of your roof, you may experience slower or faster degradation of the roofing materials. The key is to ensure that your roof is pitched to manage the local conditions. For example, a steeply-sloped roof will be better able to handle snow and blizzard conditions. Flat roofs can better withstand the winds from hurricanes and strong winds.

6. Insulation and ventilation

When you hire the right contractor for your roofing replacement or roofing installation job, they will ensure that your roof is installed with the proper insulation and the right amount of ventilation. Inadequate insulation and ventilation will make it harder for you to manage the temperature inside your home. The right balance of insulation and ventilation can help you to drive down the costs on your monthly energy bills.

7. Maintenance

Your roof isn’t a set it and forget it type of housing component. Instead, you will want to inspect your roof regularly to ensure that there is no damage.

If you notice any leaks, broken or missing shingles, or cracks, it is best to get in touch with a local contractor and your insurance company to see if you need to replace your roof.

roof leak damage
Solar panel installation

8. Use and age

It’s probably pretty apparent that the older your roof gets, the closer it will get to that time for roof replacement. Your roof will not last forever, no matter how much you might hope it will. But, in addition to the age of your roof, you also need to consider its use.

For example, if you place solar panels on your roof, it will shorten the lifespan, even though it might help to drive down your energy costs. Nearby trees, especially large ones that are subject to lose branches here and there with age and bad weather, will also cause additional stress to your roof, meaning you will likely need to replace it earlier than under non-stressful conditions.

Roof Replacement is to be Expected

When you are a homeowner, you need to know that at some point, you will need to replace your roof, siding, and even your windows potentially. These times will come and are not an indication that you have not lovingly cared for your home. Remember how much exposure your home, especially your roof, tolerates, and this will help prepare you mentally and financially for a roof replacement when the time is right.

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