Tips For An Easy Vintage Bathroom Makeover

Retro Essentials

A vintage look to your bathroom is not hard to achieve.  We suggest retro tiles, a claw-footed bathtub, and a pedestal sink to give you some of those good, old-time feelings. A vintage powder room or a rustic bathroom you’ve always wanted might be in your near future after you see how easy it is to find some of your vintage favorites.


Artist Tiles

The perfect back round for your bathroom is the tile. From art deco to pink flamingos everyone had their favorite tile designs from the 30’s to the 70’s. Not only were their prints some of our favorite vintage art work we cannot forget the colors Hermosa provided.  “I never knew what tile could do!” Hermosa tile.

For today’s remakre designs can be found just about any tile or larger hardware store. Prices can be $3-20 per sq. ft. for standard designs and the fancier more detailed art work is $30-85 sq. ft.

Claw foot Tubs

It doesn’t get any more antique than these elegant freestanding tubs. Made with fiber glass, acrylic, and other materials. They are cheaper to make today than when they first became popular in modern around the 1920’s. They were made with iron and then lined with porcelain. The legs can come in many beautiful designs from foral to animals feet.  

As beautiful as they look most of the time then are much higher up then the average tub requiring made water of a larger space. These beauties can cost a pretty penny if you are looking a more detail with art work. Luxury tub can be $1000-4000 added  hand painted or you would like to go with a metal such as copper. Where more regular style one are from  $800 to 1000.

Pedestal Sink

With the style of a claw footed tub, nothing fits better in a retro bathroom than a pedestal sink.  Pedestal sinks not only add yet another vintage accent, but will help with space and cleanliness.

There are many distinctive styles of these sinks that range from metal to porcelain.  This style of sink will give you extra floor space but may reduce necessary counter space.  There are many beautiful free-standing sinks with larger counter tops. Keeping them looking brand new is simple when wash them with liquid dish soap and water. Never use any abrasive cleaner on the glazed finish. They are easy to find and not that expensive to finish of your vintage bathroom makeover.

We hope you enjoyed some of our blast-from-the-past vintage bathroom ideas.  Feel free to like, share, and comment below.  If you decide to give your bathroom a makeover, ProLine Contractors are happy to help with your bathroom update from any decade.  

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