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Top 4 Upgrades for Your Backyard This Summer

Vacation All Summer Long In The Backyard Of Your Dreams

Are you bored of the same drab backyard year after year – same old pool – same old patio? We would like to make some suggestions to make your backyard a little more interesting!

There are a lot of popular upgrades this year in people’s backyards – We compiled a list of what we thought were perfect backyard improvements.

Leave a comment below with any clever ideas that you think should be included on this list.

An Enclosed Deck

When you hire a professional builder like ProLine Contractors, you have an amazing amount options of stylish deck designs to choose from. Added features to decks are fountains, swings, fire pits, and outdoor kitchens.
Estimated Cost to build: $3000-7500
Estimated Cost for extras:
Fountain: $300-1000
Swings: $500 – $3000
Fire Pit: $400(DIY) – $1500(professional)

Inspiring Deck ideas:Click here


Deck Surrounding Pool

Improve the aesthetic value of your backyard with a deck surrounding your pool.  A space where you can lounge, easily go in and out of your pool from any side, and transform the whole poolside experience.   You could even have a hot tub installed right next to the pool – built right into the deck!  Enjoy relaxing evenings after a long day by warming up in your hot tub on cooler nights.

Estimated cost to build: $3000 – $20,000

ProjectAverageMost Spent Between
Less than 200 sq.ft.$4,836$2,888 – $6,870
Between 200 – 500 sq.ft.$8,142$5,169 – $11,139
More than 500 sq.ft.$14,504$8,532 – $20,605

Chart from homeadvisorcom/cost/outdoor-living/build-a-deck/


A pergola encloses an area of a porch or a deck, creating a small room-like space with screened sides and/or outdoor fans.  We have seen this space used differently depending on your style.  It can be a completely open modern pergola with exposed wooden beams open to the skies above.

 Alternatively, your pergola can be an outdoor living room surrounded by flowers and vines. Make this your favorite place to enjoy the outdoor air and the starry night.  

Outside Bar

Last but certainly not least, turn your backyard into the hottest meetup spot for your family and neighbors with a luxury outdoor bar.  A wooden roof, a stone top, and few barstools and your guests can enjoy their cocktails at your new venue.  A backyard feature like this kind of makes it makes it feel like you are in an all-inclusive resort!

Estimated cost to build: $3,000 for a simple bar to $35,000 with plumbing, electrical, and gas

A Change Is Often A Challenge

What makes upgrades so much fun is the change and the challenge. Each summer adding something new or updated will make your backyard feel brand new again.  

If the challenge becomes a bit too daunting to plan or handle, give the experts a call at Proline Contractors!  They can help you turn your drab backyard into a seasonal celebration!

“From remodeling to restoration, we are here to help you every step of the way” – ProLine