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Backyard Beauties

In an effort to be relevant, we perused Pinterest to find you some tips and tricks for a blog post about winter upkeep and remodeling… but like most avid Pinterest, we got sidetracked. A few scrolls, saved pins, and two cups of wine later we sidetracked straight to Summer! Don’t worry though, traveling so far into the future was not counterproductive. Our Summer finds from Pinterest, should be things you are thinking about right now in Winter. Today we’re talking about, Backyard Beauties. They’re not given much thought today because of the weather, but as soon as the sun starts shining more, and leaves start coming back, Mother Nature’s call to join her beauty outside will be loud and clear. When that time comes having a place where you can kick up your feet with a nice glass of iced tea will be so comforting, so let’s start thinking about some inspirations on how you can make that yard the summer oasis, you’ve been dreaming about during winter. Grab those bathing suits and dive in, things are about to heat up…

We know everyone has their own style and purpose for things in their homes. The same style and functionality for one family might not work for their neighbor, so we’ve approached the backyard beauty game with different tastes and preferences in mind. We’ve got a little bit of everything for everyone, first up…

For the Entertainer!

To those who love a good party, family reunion, or a BBQ on a smaller scale, these backyards will be your crowd-pleaser.

For the Kids!

The children in the neighborhood and friends from school or the soccer team are sure to find these backyard beauties sleepover worthy. If you’re the parent who would rather have the gang over at your place, rather than send them elsewhere, these backyards are for you.

For the Mermaids!

All the aquatic fanatics will be diving right into your place when you show off your yard equipped with these amazing splash pads.

For the Lounger / Meditator!

Namasté in the yard. Surround your self with serene and peaceful vibes with these ultra calming backyards, perfect for yoga, book reading, or even bird watching.

For the Animal Lover!

Mans best friend will definitely be barking up bliss in these backyards!

Although your property line might not be endless, the possibilities of what you can do with your backyard are! Whether its just adding a hammock, a fish pond, or going big by adding a pool, home is what you make it and coming from a company that prides itself in turning houses into homes… no matter what you do, do it with love- it’s not the things of a home that matter, but the people who fill it. For more inspiration on backyard makeovers, follow our Backyard board on Pinterest, or email us at with questions about anything you’ve seen on this blog.