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Personalize Your Pergola

Enjoy your outdoor living area a little more by giving it your own distinctive touch.
A subtly different pergola can reflect your style and make your outdoor living area a more relaxing place to be.

Pergola Placement

Depending on where you would like to place your pergola, you have a variety of different unique options. 

If you place your pergola at the front of your yard, your pergola can serve as an entryway to your property. We recommend covering it with roses and vines.  Or your front-yard pergola may act as your outdoor foyer – flanked by manicured bushes and outdoor sculptures. 

Placing your pergola in the center of the yard gives you a larger area to work with.  Your pergola becomes an island with an infinite amount of options.  Your pergola can serve as an open-air gazebo, a party space, or space for friends to gather around your fire pit.  

Pergolas can also attach to the structure of your home creating a little shelter just outside your door.  Under the awning of your new pergola would be a good spot for an outdoor kitchen or just the barbeque.  A little rain shouldn’t stop a little outdoor culinary fun!


Once you decide where your pergola should go, the ground underneath it should be considered.  If there is going to be regular use – which there should be – a grass floor is going to be hard to upkeep.  Cobblestone, curved masonry, and other custom stone flooring can make your pergola stand out and become more structurally sound.

Pergola Proportions

 Sizes of standard pergolas are usually 14’x14’ and will nicely seat a 4-chair table set. When adding swings, hammocks, and extra garden racks it’s recommended to go larger.

Seating areas are very popular to integrate into your pergola design.

Private Pergolas

When you think of pergolas, privacy isn’t the first thing to come to mind.  But with the right attachments your pergola can feel like an additional room to your home. You can enclose your pergola by adding a cloth or screen façade.  Stone walls or fencing on a side or two, can also create an enclosed sense of space. If you prefer a cozy, more secluded feel you may consider making yours a private pergola.

Your family and friends will love every moment in your personalized outdoor living space.

Pergola Professionals

Be more relaxed.  Make your very own perfect pergola.  Contact Proline Roofing, Siding, and Windows, Inc. to personalize your pergola today 708-479-1237.