Kitchen Island Paradise

Everyone has their own version of a personal kitchen island paradise. We’ve picked out a few of our favorites. From simple to ornate – some with or without a sink/stove/or oven – there are so many added features to make your own perfect kitchen island paradise.

Extra Benefits of a Kitchen Island: Extra Space

It’s happened to all of us, when you have a great deal of different ingredients, and gather all the utensils and cookware that the recipe requires, your basic countertop space just isn’t sufficient!    The kitchen island is the place where the food creation can really happen.  With a kitchen island, you regain all the elbow room you need for slicing, dicing, simmering, and grilling. 

Better yet, cooking can turn into a group activity with the extra elbow room of a kitchen island!  And just like a literal island paradise, your kitchen island paradise can be the place to get away from some of your problems and embrace the joy of cooking.  Your food preparation becomes much more fun and free when you’re not fumbling over your coffeepot and bumping into the toaster on your countertop.

A kitchen island also gives you the opportunity to add the appliance you’ve always wanted. Not only do you have extra counter-space, but underneath can include a myriad of storage spaces, cupboards, and shelves. You will no longer need to cramp your drawers.  Declutter and spread out your cooking utensils, cookbooks, pots, and pans to make it easier to get to them when you need them.


If your plumbing allows, the island can bring you an extra sink. Or your island can be custom cut to fit a conventional oven. Of course, ovens set in the middle require a ventilation system directly above, but look extra luxurious if you can afford it.

The Best Part of The Island

We saved our best part of the island for last – the top!  Deciding on which counter top can depend on what the kitchen theme already is. Many of our customers prefer the luxurious-look and easy-to-clean granite countertops that come in a wide variety of colors and styles. But beautiful wood islands create amazing accents too, and the beauty wood brings gives an elegant look from rich cedar to bamboo.

After you decide what type of kitchen island paradise you need give Proline Contractors a call: 708-479-1237.  We are happy to help.

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