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How to Create Desirable Curb Appeal

A Home That Makes Any Passerby Turn Their Heads


Why Is Curb Appeal Important?

Curb appeal matters because a good first impression shows you care about the entire value of your property. If the front-face of a home is picture perfect, odds are, the homeowner took care of essential unseen maintenance: roof maintenance, gutter maintenance, plumbing, electrical, and HVAC. Keeping your home well-maintained is obviously beneficial when reselling your house. 

Also, property values rise in neighborhoods that have homes with desirable curb appeal. Increasing your curb appeal becomes an invaluable investment; An excellent façade can raise your home value $50,000 or more.

Perfecting the little additions on the front part of your home will ensure an enviable appearance. Whether it’s a large picture window or a brand-new porch addition, people will notice new improvements to your house.

street view curb appeal

ProLine Services Help You Improve the Façade of Your Home

Ongoing roof maintenance and soffit & fascia replacement will ensure a flawless façade. A variety of modern styles of siding paired together can create a unique look with satisfying curb appeal. 

Brick and vinyl siding together create a clean, modern look with a strong sense of sturdiness created by the brickwork.  Read more about siding installation and when it is time to replace to add curb appeal to your house.

house with fabulous curb appeal

Upgrade Your Front Door

Make sure your front door stays in excellent condition. For extra flair consider adding a luxury door with glass inlays or sidelites. Decorative entryway sidelites let in additional light and add a luxurious look to your entryway.

beautiful home nice sunny day
Updates to Decorative Trim Work

Trim work needs to be repainted every five to ten years as outdoor paint weathers quickly in our Illinois climate.

Decorative shutters need maintenance too, hardware becomes rusty and requires replacement.  Any painted wooden surface needs to be repainted and resealed periodically to prevent woot rot.r the desired splash of color. Plus, accent bushes and flowers are easily swapped when your taste changes.

Custom Windows

From a small bow window to a window that is large enough to replace traditional siding, windows can show off the beauty inside of your house as well.  You can add curb appeal by showing off gorgeous window treatments and tasteful interior décor.

home with outdoor lights looks beautiful at night

Curb Appeal At Night

Multiple lights will help people find your house at night and give them a chance to see how amazing your house even in darkness. As an additional benefit, more outdoor lighting prevents home break-ins and intruders.


Pro-Line is happy to install new light fixtures on your house or around your property.

Lawn and Garden

Our key pointers on your landscape are to keep it minimal and tasteful.  Properly pruned small trees and bushes can make beautiful natural accents to the front of your home.  Instead of adding a splash of color in your trim or siding, we recommend keeping colors neutral and let nature accent your home.  Find foliage that flowers in spring, or turns bright colors in the fall, for the desired splash of color. Plus, accent bushes and flowers are easily swapped when your taste changes.

purple house with spring trees

Common Missteps When Creating Curb Appeal

Even if everything else is updated, if you let one part of the front of your house remain in a state of disrepair, the whole façade looks unkempt.

dumpster for roof replacement in driveway
home after new roof is put on

Ignoring Siding and Soffit/Fascia – The condition of the trim of your house makes a huge difference in appearance. Note in this example that routine fascia/soffit maintenance immediately changed the drab, off-putting dark green soffit and yellow siding to make the façade of this home look a thousand times better.

Dilapidated Screen Doors – Unfortunately screens are often easy to dislodge. Fortunately, they are just as easy to replace (if you know what you are doing.) 

Too Many Colors – Homes with a splash of color on the shutters or window panes, like this example, are quite tasteful. But too much color creates an eyesore.


At Pro-Line we can help with remodels, renovations, or simply routine maintenance. Call us now for a free estimate for your next home-improvement project. We will be happy to discuss your plans to give your home the curb appeal you desire.

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