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There is still plenty of mild weather this year for grilling, bonfires, and good times on your backyard deck.  It is a perfect time for changes and we have a few great ideas.  You may have a few ideas of your own too – don’t hesitate to share your ideas with us in the comments below or on Proline’s Facebook or Twitter.

A few upgrades to your deck will make it feel brand new again. Here are a few of our ideas to upgrade your deck design:


From high spot lights accenting the architecture, to little lights installed around your flooring, lights create ambience at night.  Lights help keep you safe – put a little led in the side of every step – No more guests tripping on steps in the dark!  

Lights also serve the more important purpose of break-in prevention.

The more lights you have on the exterior of your property, the less chance of you having a home intruder.

Seats and Table Tops

An ingenious space-saving idea is to have an extra-wide railings all around your deck.  The railing can act as a table top by simply pulling up a chair or a stool.   With a bigger overhang, you can tuck chairs or stools underneath.   

Another alternative to your typical railing is creating benches around the perimeter of your deck.  This creates extra seating area for a dozen or more guests.

Extra fun

As the summer winds down, before the cold weather hits, now is a great time to build a poolside deck to be prepared for next year’s swimming-season.  Build your deck along your above ground pool creating easy and safe access in and out of the pool.

Convert your deck to a luxury enclosed porch

Screens, windows, and walls can be added to an existing deck to enjoy cool fall days outside.  Ceiling fans to move around the fresh air will make your backyard feel like paradise.

These wonderful conversions can be done on both the front of the house as well as the back. 

Give us a call at 708-479-1237 to help you with your back and front yard deck design.  Proline will help get your deck exactly how you want it.