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Basement Remodeling Basics

A Basement Can Be So Much More Than Storage Space

First, before you think about paintjobs and type of trim, consider your layout, the floorplan, of your basement remodeling space. Some basements physically do not have the square footage or arrangement to accomplish your vision. So, start simple with the basic layout and arrangement. Then think about how you would like to use the room. If you could benefit from having an additional workspace, consider creating a small home-office, crafter’s corner, or woodworking shop. Or perhaps you could use the room to entertain friends and family. Or the new area in your basement can simply be used as an extension of your home.

After the layout is together, walls are up, necessary plumbing and electrical is in place, it is time for the fun details. The color of the walls/ceiling, type of trim, textures and lighting will drastically alter the ambiance of the room.

Because the basement is out-of-view, some homeowners take their basement remodeling opportunity to do something drastically different style-wise from the rest of their home. But if you already have your idea in mind, and are ready to start building, give us a call, we will be happy to bring your basement remodeling idea to life.

Basement Remodeling Ideas

Pro-Line Contractors, Inc. is here to help give you some great basement remodeling ideas.

Basement Bar Mini-Pub

So many people are psyched about their at-home craft brews and create private labels in their basements. If you are passionate about beer or are a wine connoisseur, your basement can include a countertop with actual taps, refrigeration, or a wine cooler.

Video Game Room

We don’t like calling them “man caves” because everyone can enjoy gaming as their preferred form of entertainment. Consider remodeling your basement into your ultimate video game room. When designing a video game room, try not to clutter the interior with systems and games. We recommend built-in, hidden storage for the games and knick-knacks, leaving more room for friends and entertaining.

Traditional Game Room

Consider a pinball machine, pool table, dartboard, air hockey, poker table, or a foosball table to add to your remodeled basement game room. But if you get them all and slap a mini bar in the corner, your basement will be the envy of the neighborhood.

TV/Theater Room

Theater rooms are for true film enthusiasts. Theater rooms can be complete with plush leather seating, large projection screens, and full surround sound.

However, most people enjoy their movies more casually. For most, creating an additional tv room, or living room, out of their basement remodeling project makes more sense than theater-style seating.

Art Room – Music, Dance, or Visual Arts

If you like to encourage your little ones to dance. Leave the finished space wide open, install one wall with mirrors, and some surround sound, and you have a beautiful, personal dance studio space.

For the music enthusiast or musicians, a soundproof music room is an excellent addition to any home. There is nothing better than cranking the volume.  Except for your neighbors not yelling at you for cranking the volume.

A kids’ craft corner, or adult arts and craft studio is a wonderful remodel idea as well. A separate private creative area is essential for an inspired artist to “get away from it all” and create.

Workout Room

A basement gym or workout room has never been more accessible with the plethora of at-home workout equipment that is affordable for the general public. After your remodel is complete and well-lit, all you need is one or two weight-machines, some free weights, mats, and stationary bicycle or treadmill, and your at-home gym is ready!  It may seem like much equipment and a significant undertaking, but you won’t be paying monthly like an expensive gym membership. And while some people love going to the gym, there isn’t anything wrong with preferring to work out in the privacy of your own home.

Guest Room

If you always have company and they need a place to stay, converting your basement into a guest room is a no-brainer. A hotel can never compare to a well-designed guest room.  

When your guests aren’t spending the night, you can even consider renting out your spare basement guestrooms. Turning the extra space in your home into a rentable area is a wise investment. Although it comes with responsibilities, you can earn additional income, and even write off some of your extra expenses as business start-up costs.  

Unfinished Basements

Many basements remain damp, dusty, dreary, and uncomfortable (sometimes even a little scary) for the entire lifespan of the home. An unfinished basement is not a place to go and relax.

But rest assured, with a bit of help, your basement can be a safe, livable space. We are happy to provide you with a 180-degree spin on a basement that may be currently uninhabitable. Decide what you would like to do with your space, then give a call a Pro-Line, we will be happy to help reclaim that unused space and increase the value of your home.

Upgrade An Already Finished Basement

If you are looking to add functionality to your finished basement, here are a few frequent upgrades that, if installed correctly and professionally, will increase the value to your home:
• Adding a bathroom
• Installing a kitchenette
• Creating a small mini-bar with a sink

Basement Safety

When remodeling your basement, remember, keep safety first! Our priority is to make your basement a safe and livable space.

It is important to:

  • Install vapor-barriers in any basement bathrooms to avoid moisture build-up within walls. Moisture build-up can cause mold and, eventually, breathing problems for the entire household.
  • Keep the humidity level down. Many people don’t build in their basement due to moisture build-up. This problem is solved simply by installing a small dehumidification system. A dehumidifier keeps the musty air away and creates fresh, dry, breathable air.
  • Your windows are emergency exits outside in case of a fire. Be sure to have a step stool or a climb-able piece of furniture near your designated fire-exit window.

Basement windows are essential to keep updated. Properly sealed basement windows and can save you big bucks in heating costs over time.

If possible, installing outdoor stairs leading down to the basement with a door is a great idea. Again, this would be helpful in the event of a fire, but even in an everyday situation, a basement back-door can be extraordinarily convenient.

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