New and Improved Windows

Here at Pro-Line Roofing, Siding, and Windows we understand that every homeowner has improvements to their home that they want to make. We try to make home upgrades as affordable as possible because we know that there is nothing better than having your home feel new again.
Whether you need your windows replaced, repaired, or maintained. We strive to make it as easy as possible for you to repair or upgrade the windows in your home. So, for any type of Homer Glen window repair give us a call, we are happy to help.

Minor to major damage to windows in your home can be nerve racking if a repair is necessary. It may be time to replace or repair your windows if you see old dried up peeling sealant and/or buckled wood. This is caused by years of freezing and defrosting – wood and walls can expand and then shrink back causing damage to the tight seal around your windows. Damaged window seals can be draftier than a broken window. Try not to be too anxious with cost; Inexpensive options are available. 

Your windows may not need to be replaced – perhaps you just need a fast, efficient and reliable Homer Glen window repair by the experts at Proline.  

You don’t need us to detect a draft around your windows on these cold nights. If you feel light to heavy drafts, it may be time to get your weather stripping (sealant or caulk) replaced. This is one of our simpler Homer Glen window repairs.

It is relatively quick to take care of and can save you a bundle on your winter heating bill.    

Windows are a key focal point in your home. We want them to look exceptional and make sure they are protecting the house as well.

If you need screen repairs – replacing a screen is quick and easy for our pros. If you are thinking about upgrades, some screens have extra feature of lock security just like the main window! And if you find yourself with ripped screens often (from dogs, cats, or small children) we recommend a tougher screen with a higher durability rating.

All windows in your home, including the dormer windows in your attic, should be inspected at least twice a year. Even the most energy-efficient window must be properly installed and inspected to ensure energy efficiency. Therefore, it’s best to have a professional install and repair your windows. Give us a call and will be on our way to help you with your Homer Glen window repair.

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