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Homer Glen Vinyl Siding Designs

While beloved brick homes are the signature looks of Chicago, modern vinyl siding is the dominant style of the Chicago suburban area. Vinyl siding is energy efficient and eco-friendly and should be your first choice for an exterior remodel. If you are experiencing any trouble with the vinyl siding on your home currently, Pro-Line is happy to perform vinyl siding replacement. We service all of Chicago and surrounding suburbs.

Today’s trends are leading us more towards vinyl siding because of its ease of replacement. You can update your façade every decade or so. Dependable and reliable vinyl siding will protect your family as well as the foundation from high-wind thunderstorms. Vinyl siding installation and replacement is simplistic compared to other types of exteriors.

Keeping Cozy

Vinyl siding not only gives your house a cozy look, but it gives that cozy feel as well inside. New energy efficient vinyl siding helps keep the cold out and the coziness inside in this cold harsh winter season. New vinyl siding with proper insulation will save you a bundle on your heating and cooling costs every day!


Vinyl Siding Colors & Styles

Give your house a fresh look with a lot of assorted colors to choose from. White bottom siding makes your whole house from top to bottom have curb appeal. For larger homes, it is not unheard of to be creative and use two or three different tones creating contrast in tones and designs. Reshaping areas and switching from horizontal for most of the house with a Dutch Lap horizontal panel and Board and Batten vertical panel for the gable makes it a fun mix and match. Make your house feel alive with personality.

If you would like something a little brighter a Sunrise Yellow is available. For the dark modern look, Nantucket Gray. For something more classical there are options available that closely resemble wood grain!

If your house looks outdated with color and design your resale value will go down. When replacing the siding on your home consider changing to a new color or design. It could make you fall in love with your home all over again

Note: About Asbestos Under Siding

If you are in the market for a facelift for the exterior of your home – Any house pre-dated to the 1970’s should be inspected professionally for asbestos before any vinyl siding installation or replacement. If tested positive and asbestos is broken and damaged, a special asbestos removal team will be necessary. If there is no damage to the area, it still needs to be removed, but is no different than ordinary vinyl siding replacement. Removing asbestos improves the air quality around the house and will lower the risk of future breathing problems associated with this harmful substance.

Luxury Alternative

Prefinished fiber cement siding is another great option for the exterior of your home because it comes ready to install and has a very long-lasting durability, and like vinyl it comes in just about any appearance you desire.

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