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Need Energy-Efficient Windows? Think Pro-Line

At Pro-Line, we offer expert installation of energy-efficient windows. After all, there is no point in getting windows if you don’t install them properly. Unfortunately, when someone installs windows improperly, they may still be drafty or leak your precious warmth into the chilly winter air.

To receive the full benefit of new energy-efficient windows, they need to be installed by pros. There are no other better window installers in Homer Glen and the Chicago area than Pro-Line Contractors. We do roofing, siding, windows, and MORE!

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What Are Energy-Efficient Windows?

Energy efficient windows are windows that have been certified by the United States Department of Energy, so an upgrade to your home reduces energy costs. If you want to save even more this year on your heating bills, building upgrades like energy-efficient doors, skylights, and insulation can make your home more environmentally friendly and less costly to heat.

How to Choose the Right Energy-Efficient Windows

You want energy-efficient windows that give you massive curb appeal and long life. At Pro-Line, we can guide you through choosing each element of your new energy-efficient window. Along the way, you will have the opportunity to see many types of windows and choose your preferred frame, window, and overall style. In addition, we can tell you the pros and cons of each potential selection so that you can make an informed decision.

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Energy Efficient Window Materials

First, we need to look at the outside of the window.  You have 4 choices: vinyl, wood, aluminum, and wood-clad.


This is by far the most common window.  It is cheap and well worth the savings.  Vinyl windows can offer energy efficiency, reduce drafts, and last a long time.


Wood windows increase energy efficiency because they are the best insulators.  On the downside, they require a bit more upkeep.  Wood windows can become warped from precipitation, humidity, and/or temperature.  But the myriad of wood window styles compensates for the extra maintenance. Wood windows look classy, unique, and cozy.


Inexpensive and excellent for wetter humid climates. Primarily seen in hurricane-prone coastal regions.


Wood-clad windows have wood inside to provide excellent insulation and vinyl outside for easy cleaning.

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Energy-Efficient Window Panes

After choosing the right frame type to suit your style, you should check the energy efficiency of the glass or the E-rating.  All windows that are part of the Energy Star Program have an E-rating based on how resistant the glass is to losing heat (the U-factor) and how much heat penetrates the glass from the sun (the SHGC – solar heat gain efficiency.)  The lower the E-rating, the more glass will absorb and hold onto heat.  All the windows recommended by Pro-Line are double-paned and have a low E-rating.

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Pro-Line – The Problem Solvers

Sometimes, windows cause roof problems. At those times, Pro-Line Contractors can come to save the day. Whether you have a leaky skylight, broken windows after a storm, or want a different window style, we provide the answers and the installations, all with exceptional features, like energy-efficient windows.

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Replace Leaky Skylights with Energy-Efficient Windows

Did you know that a skylight can also be called a roof window? If you already have skylights and find that your ceiling leaks, you may need help replacing your roof windows. With Pro-Line, you get the best installation out there.
At Pro-Line, we often install new skylights during your roof replacement. Sure, we offer many roof services. Yet, we can also install many types of windows while we are working on your roofing project. So, whether you have a roof replacement or restoration, we take care of the window installation, too, if you so desire. At the same time, we ensure your home has energy-efficient windows.

Storm Damage

Storms can take out windows very quickly. Sometimes storm damage can also wreck the frames. It might be the right time for a window replacement and general renovation if your windows look shabby after a severe storm. Our Pro-Line team helps you choose the new windows and installs them perfectly. You go back to looking out your windows with pride.

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Ultimate Curb Appeal with Energy-Efficient Windows

Curb appeal has tremendous importance when you want to sell your home. However, no rule says you can’t enjoy the outer appearance of your home every day when you come home after a long day.
Pro-Line Contractors install custom energy-efficient windows as you like them. We help you choose windows that function as they should and install them to preserve that functionality. New windows stay tight, keeping out cold winds to increase energy efficiency.
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