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So You Better Make Sure You Have Energy Efficient Windows

At Pro-Line we offer expert installation of energy efficient windows. After all, there is no point in getting energy-efficient windows if you don’t install them properly. If windows are installed improperly, your windows may still be drafty or unbeknown to you – leaking your precious warmth out into the chilly winter air.

To receive the full benefit of new energy efficient windows, they need to be installed by pros. There are no other better energy efficient window installers in the Chicago area than Pro-Line Contractors – We do roofing, siding, and windows and MORE!

What Are Energy-Efficient Windows?

Energy efficient windows are windows that have been certified by the United States Department of Energy as an upgrade to your home that will significantly reduce energy costs.

If you’re are looking to save even more this year on your heating bills other energy efficient building upgrades can be made like energy-efficient doors, skylights, and insulation.   Furthermore, your appliances can be upgraded to be energy efficient too.  Your furnace, washer, dryer, and dishwasher can be energy efficient.  And if you are looking to save EVEN MORE consider major utility upgrades like adding solar panels or a geothermal heat pump.

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How to Choose the right Energy Efficient Window

First, we need to look at the outside of the window.  You basically have 4 choices: vinyl, wood, aluminum, and wood-clad.

Vinyl:  This is by far the most common window.  It is cheap and well-worth the savings.  Vinyl windows can offer energy efficiency, reduce drafts, and last a very long time. 

Wood:  Wood windows add to your energy efficiency because they are the best insulators.  On the downside, they require a bit more upkeep.  Wood windows can become warped from precipitation, humidity, and/or temperature.  But the myriad of wood window styles compensates for the extra maintenance. Wood windows look classy, unique, and cozy.

Aluminum:  Inexpensive and excellent for wetter humid climates.  Mostly seen is hurricane-prone coastal regions.  

 Wood-Clad: Wood-clad windows have wood on the inside to provide the excellent insulation and vinyl on the outside for easy cleaning.

After choosing the right type of frame to suit your style, you should check the energy efficiency of the glass or the E-rating.  All windows that are part of the Energy Star Program have an E-rating based on how resistant the glass is to losing heat (the U-factor) and how much heat penetrates the glass from the sun (the SHGC – solar heat gain efficiency.)  Basically, the lower the E-rating, the more glass will absorb and hold onto heat.  All the windows recommended by Pro-Line are double-paned and have a low E-rating. 

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