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Pro-Line Contractors, Inc. will provide you with the door replacements and upgrades you need. The proper combination of door with your house will secure your home and give it the charming appearance you desire.

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Common Problems with Common Types of Doors

Hinges weaken and need replacement. Screws need to be tightened. Doors fall off-level and stick or scrape. Door jambs weaken over the years decreasing the stability of your door. No matter the problem, Pro-Line will get your door opening and closing smoothly once again. Here are some other common problems with common doors that require replacement:

Wooden Doors

Even with proper maintenance, harsh seasons will cause wooden doors to warp and weather. Pests may eat away at the wood forming holes. Weathered wooden doors will not keep the door secured and air-tight.


Steel Doors

Although the heaviest, strongest and safest, steel doors will dent after years of use and look unappealing. They will last decades, but eventually need to be replaced.

Fiberglass Doors

With current advancements in construction-technology, fiberglass doors are easier to manufacture, long-lasting, and come in a wide variety of styles. They can be energy-efficient to cut down on heating/cooling costs. Some fiberglass doors are made to look and feel just like wood. However, fiberglass will still eventually wear-and-tear, crack, and not last forever.

At Pro-Line, we can replace:

  • Sliding Doors
  • Front/Back Doors
  • Patio Doors
  • Interior Doors
  • Storm Doors
  • Screen Doors
  • Closet Doors
  • And More!

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The door jamb helps seals the door shut. If your door does not close completely, is not level and has visible gaps, air will leak, wasting money on air conditioning in the Summer and heat in the Winter.

Minor to Major Door Replaement Projects

The professionals at Pro-Line Contractors, Inc. are here to help you with all problems you can have with your interior and exterior doors. If only parts of the door are damaged, we can replace: door frames, locks, hinges, door jambs, handles, doorknobs, screens, and more.

Keep in mind, some old doors may require updating outdated hardware, and newer hardware may be incompatible with the type of old door you currently have. In that case, our skilled contractors can recommend what is best and replace an existing door with ease, if necessary.

Pro-Line professionals will inspect every part of the door. If any parts appear to be soft, damaged, rotten, unlevel, or split we will recommend the best course of action to replace your door(s).

5 Door Upgrades

Once your new door is all set and sturdy, we recommend these upgrades to make your doors safer and more manageable.

1. Add A Storm/Screen Door

Adding a storm door means more security for your home. A stable storm door is very important for safety, can help pest control, and decrease energy-costs. Storm doors also help the longevity of the main door, protecting it from weather and not allowing water, wind, snow and rain to damage your main door. Also, adding that extra layer, allows you have your main front door open to get fresh air, while still being comfortable knowing your screened storm door can be locked.

2. Door Security

If you would like to enhance the safety and security of your main entrances, consider adding an alarm or state-of-the-art video doorbell. Some systems allow you to communicate through the doorbell and record video. You will never miss a guest and you will know exactly when a package arrived on your stoop. Most importantly, a camera at your front door deters thieves and intruders.

3. Handicap Door Opener

Pro-Line Contractors, Inc., can install a handicap door opener or make an existing door handicap-accessible. Remote door-opening systems can also be installed to make getting in and out a little easier and stress-free.

4. Make Your Door Bigger

Believe it or not, a larger door can be installed by cutting into the house, refitting the door frame and jamb, and positioning a new, bigger door in place. A similar method is also used to convert a swinging-door into a sliding-door, or to add sidelites to the sides of your front door to give it a more luxurious curb-appeal.

5. Add A Pet Door

cat in need of door repair

Most doors can easily be cut and fit with a small door for your furry friends. Some prefabricated doors have pet doors preinstalled.

Pro-Line Contractors provides the upgrades that every homeowner desires. Click here for a full list of all our services. Call or contact us today to schedule an appointment for a FREE inspection* to get you the door replacement and upgrades you need. 

*Restrictions apply for multi-unit buildings and real estate transactions

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