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Ceiling Leak?
Restore Your Peace of Mind

A ceiling leak can make your life miserable. When the water seeps into your house, things can get messy. You step into a puddle on your floor or feel water dripping on your head, and the cold reality hits. If you don’t take care of the situation quickly, the water could damage your home and belongings. However, if you know Pro-Line Contractors, you already have the solution. We provide high-quality roofing solutions for homeowners just like you.

Why Ceilings Leak

Many people immediately think of storms when asked why a ceiling leak happens. After all, storms happen suddenly, and the damage comes quickly and dramatically. However, roofs can leak with or without a damaging storm for various reasons.

roof leak made ceiling inside house fall apart

Your ceiling could be leaking because…

  • You have a very old roof with asphalt shingles that have deteriorated after years without maintenance.
  • Your gutters have gotten clogged with debris.
  • Your chimney has cracks.
  • You have cracked roof flashing.
  • Damaged roof leaks let the water come inside.
  • Water drainage issues.
  • You have gaping holes in your roof from rain, hail, or wind.
  • Warm, heated air rises and condenses in your attic in the winter, degrading your roof.
  • The installers didn’t seal the valleys properly last time they roofed your home.
  • You have some old shingles that have fallen off or broken.
  • The company that installed your skylights didn’t fit them correctly or install them according to high standards.
  • Your skylight has a crack.
  • Other plumbing-related issues.

Identifying the root cause of the roof leak first makes sense. Once we discover the reason, you know what work can fix the leak. So, at Pro-Line Contractors, we start by inspecting your roof. As we evaluate, we look at the roof itself, your shingles, gutters, and roof flashing. We even check out your chimney and skylights. Afterward, we know what to do to solve the problem thoroughly.

Patch-up work for the ceiling will help your family feel normal again. But restoring or replacing the roof is the most important before more ceiling leaks happen.

Ceiling Leak Solved

The solution to your ceiling leak doesn’t just depend on the source of the damage. The leak’s extent also plays a large part in determining what type of roofing solution you need. In addition, you may want to update your roof at the same time you resolve your leak problem. Whatever your decision, Pro-Line completes the work to perfection.

Roof Restoration for a Ceiling Leak

Roof restoration for a ceiling leak costs about half as much as a complete roof replacement. We can properly assess whether your ceiling leak is coming from your roof or possible other sources (like plumbing or draining issues.)

For some ceiling leaks, you only need restoration and not a replacement. We replace missing or broken shingles and create a new roof surface for restoration. Rather than tearing apart your entire roof for a moderate roof leak, we work with what you already have.

Then, we apply a waterproof protective layer to keep your roof and your home beneath it safe from leaks. That means a faster solution and a less costly one at that.

Roof Replacement for a Major Ceiling Leak

Roofs only last just so long. Usually, you need to replace your roof after 20 years or even less. If your ceiling leaks, you may need roof replacement now. In fact, even if you’re at the 17-year or 18-year mark, you should. You can request the complete replacement now and avoid a second roofing expense in two or three years.

With total roof replacement, we consult with you on design and materials. During that phase, we go over all the options, explaining and pricing each one you want to consider. We only recommend top-quality brands from leading manufacturers. Once we know what you want, we provide a written estimate.

In most cases, we complete the roof about a week after we begin the roofing process. We start by removing all the old shingles and felt paper. After we expose the deck, we replace any damaged decking or support beams. Next, we add the new felt and the shingles, installing everything to meet or exceed industry standards. When we finish, your home will have a waterproof roof, and you will have peace of mind.

Updating Your Home after a Ceiling Leak

Some homeowners want to get their home back as it looked before. And we can help with replacing drywall and making your home feel fresh again. Others see the ceiling leak and resulting damage as an opportunity to try something new. If you already know you need a new roof, consider all the options today’s construction materials offer.

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