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Pro-Line Bathroom Remodeling

We Want You To Have The Bathroom Of Your Dreams

We are experts in bathroom remodeling and we want you to have the bathroom of your dreams.

When older bathrooms start to show wear and tear, it can be dangerous to your home and most importantly you and your family’s health.


Many older homes have metal pipes. Metal will eventually rust cause the pipes to corrode. Old metal pipes often burst behind walls causing mold and mildew. If you look under your sink and see metal pipes, it is time to call our experts for an inspection. Those pipes are very old and ready to go!

Most plumbers have not used metal pipes in decades. They are replaced by longer-lasting PVC pipes.

Tear It Down!

First, to get the project started, we recommend stripping the drywall and dismantle down to the 2-by-4’s to ensure all the wood is in great condition. If not, we replace any wood necessary. Once we repair the wood, we can install our vapor barrier to hold in the temperature, noise volume, and most importantly, the moisture! We then proceed to put up new, moisture resistant drywall.


Plumbing is hidden behind walls out of sight, so it becomes difficult to maintain pipes once the walls are complete. Little mistakes behind your walls can cause major problems so it is important to have your bathroom remodeling performed by insured professionals. At Pro-Line we have certified and insured plumbers and electricians on staff.


Sink/Tub Replacement

If you are not keeping existing fixtures, choosing a sink, a tub, and faucets will be a part of the planning process. With an astounding amount of countless choices, we recommend what suits the style of the bathroom and your budget.



Replacing a toilet is usually a part of a bathroom remodeling project, we recommend all plumbing installation performed by professionals. Taking out the old toilet is a dirty job, but we take pride in extracting your old plumbing safely and cleanly and take the stress away from the “dirty” work when installing new fixtures.

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Vanity Cabinets

You can remodel your bathroom around any concept. But with the number of choices, from sinks, showers and tubs and tiles, we

recommend using a starting point – a centerpiece – that is your bathroom vanity.   Vanities vary. Some with or without lights (and many different styles of lights.) Some are built for the corner, some standard, and modern ones: “floating.” They come in all sizes. Find the perfect size vanity for keeping your accessories stored away, space for cosmetics, and medicine.

Once you’ve chose your vanity/cupboard/mirror, base the rest of your bathroom decisions on that style. Modern, traditional, brushed metal, wood.

The following flooring, tiles, and color choices come easy after your centerpiece is chosen. If you find yourself struggling with ideas, check out our blogs 5 Bathroom Tile Designs or our Vintage Bathroom Makeover for inspiration for your next bathroom remodeling project.

bathroom remodeling

There are many possibilities in floor installation: Non-slip, tiled floors, wood, one sheet laminate. We will offer what is best-suited for your bathroom remodeling needs and your budget.

Knowing when to cut and lay out flooring can be difficult.  If done improperly water will get underneath and create mold. But for our experienced craftsmen, flooring is a fun project and it gets done quickly and flawlessly the first time.

Finishing Touches

At this point, it should be easy to pick out a color or colors that coordinate with your sink, vanity, and flooring. We use water-proof paints for longevity and easy cleaning. Finally, walls are decorated, lighting fixtures and small appliances installed.   A current trend is applying accent tiles and/or decorative backsplashes in shower walls. Our professionals can add this to your bathroom remodeling project if you desire.

Bathroom remodeling is work.

But at Pro-Line, we help you every step of the way.

Even if you would like to DIY some of the steps.

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