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Pro-Line will get your next basement remodeling project done right.

A Daunting Task

In the beginning, the work ahead appears insurmountable. Looking around your unfinished basement seems as if it could never be a comfortable living space.

But our pros will help every step of the way, from organizing your plans to finishing every corner perfectly.

Start With A Basement Inspection

Once you know it is time to start, begin with checking the exterior of your home: ensure all masonry, cracks, and any other structural damage is resolved before your basement remodeling takes place.
Ignoring any structural problems could completely damage a newly remodeled basement with mildew/mold if leaks get into your new living space.

Our checklist includes: inspecting your ceiling, windows, sump-pump, electrical outlets, insulations, floors, light switches, stairs and railing, doors, HVAC vent radiators, and if you have a yard access, patio doors and exits. Once we get all the old, rotten, and broken out of the way it will give you a fresh start.

Also, before making your basement new again, it is best to have a ProLine professional help with interior layout – as the old saying goes – measure twice, cut once. This is an often-overlooked step that is crucial for the very important project ahead.


rubble before basement remodeling

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Unsure What To Do Next

We Want You To Love your New Space

An empty concrete basement is uncomfortable.  The basement is the one place we all feel like being in and out of quickly.  Concrete is so cold and damp. However, after a professional basement remodeling the transformation can be warm, extraordinarily cozy and comfortable.


A fun trend is installing a projector and watching your favorite movies at home on a 150” screen. Add some surround sound and you will never want to pay full-price at the theater again!


Parents may need the extra space for a play room or just a spot to store toys.


Many people want to open their living space by adding an extra living room – in which case we would suggest recessed natural lighting, subtle off-whites and a sophisticated palette.


Our pros familiarize themselves with the purpose of each room and offer suggestions for ways to improve your basement remodeling project with eco-friendly and innovative suggestions.

There are many steps to be taken when getting a basement remodeling finished.  At ProLine, we prefer to start with a fully “gutted-out” basement.  A fresh start will let us know how sturdy the main structures of the basement are – the 2 by 4s that are hold the walls up. It will also give us a chance to replace any loose or dry-rotted wood (or damaged by pests) and outdated electrical fixtures and wiring.


Most of the electrical wiring is standard for our certified trained electricians.  It is one of the more dangerous parts of the job of remodeling the basement. Wires need to be stripped and installed into all the outlets in the basement. We always install new high-quality hardware to ensure longevity for light switches and ceiling fixtures.




Consider installing a bathroom. If all the electrical and plumbing is already being worked on, there is no better time to run your water supply downstairs, add a bathroom, and increase the value of your home.

If you choose to install a wet bar or an additional bathroom, plumbing needs to be installed within the walls. Plumbing cannot be installed incorrectly. If you are unsure with any step, have Pro-Line Contractors help install all your pipes. Our skillful plumbers on staff know the process and what to look out for when installing.

Our professionals make adding a new bathroom easy. We even take care of all the unseen features. Like a vapor barrier. An effective vapor barrier reduces the risk of mold and mildew, improving air quality and reducing risk of costly damage from rot.

Those who know call the pros
at Pro-line Contractors Remodeling and Construction!

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Depending on which beautiful new floor you choose a couple of levels may be added before the final floor is installed. First a line a plastic, treated plywood, and the final floor. Flooring can even be heated to help with freezing winter nights.

It is best to leave it to the experienced professionals for your layout plans to installing your new living spaces.

Here at Pro-Line we love new projects like basement remodeling. We can’t wait to show you how much we love the job we do. It brings us happiness making Chicagoland homes beautiful and comfortable.

Enjoy the end result of our basement remodeling – say hello to a perfectly finished basement.

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